Online Easter Activities for KG, Primary and Middle School Students

We have compiled a list of websites with activities for Kindergarten and Primary School Students, featuring a list of fun activities that can be done with children during the Easter Holidays. Some feature online games, others have printable activities which can be done by students. For younger KG students, there are some fun craft activities, too. Click on the website names below to view access the sites!

Twinkle: Easter Activities For Kids

The Educators’ Spin on it: Activities, Recipes and Printables

Anzuk: Easter Activities for Kindergarten and Primary School Students

DTLK Sites for Kids: List of Activities, Songs, Printables, and links to other sites for Primary Years

Activity Village: Easter Crafts and Printables for Young Learners

Busy Teacher: Activities, Presentations and Printables for Primary Early Middle School Students

ISL Collective: Online Presentations and downloadable worksheets for Upper Primary and Middle School Students

Club 3 – 16 Goes Online

With the closure of the educational institutions, the Klabb 3-16 in the centers too had to be suspended. To make up for this interruption in service, the Foundation for Educational Services is offering service users the possibility of following online activities with the Playworkers of their centers, and live HW assistance with warranted teachers.

Parents / legal guardians who are already registered for the service, and would like their children to follow the online activities, are to contact the Centre Coordinator of their respective center and inform him, so that they will be given a link to access the activities. The same applies for the LIVE online HW assistance.

Parents / legal guardians who are not registered with the service, are encouraged to send an email to to be guided on how to apply for the service.

These two modes of communication are being offered in a bid to maintain contact with the students, and also help them with their academic work. All the services are being offered free of charge, including the HW assistance.

Online Music Sessions at Rabat Middle School

Students from Year 8 (London) during an online Music lesson with Mr.Simon Farrugia. The topic was world music. After researching about their favourite country and its music, each and every student presented his/her information. These are some pictures taken during this activity. Well done to Mr.Farrugia and his students for carrying out such an interesting activity online !

Gwida għall-Ġenituri għat-Tagħlim Online – Guide for Online Learning for Parents


Il-Ministeru għall-Edukazzjoni qed jippubblika linji gwida dwar it-tagħlim onlajn li ser ikun qiegħed isir minn nhar it-Tnejn 15 ta’ Marzu 2021 fl-iskejjel primarji, medji u sekondarji. Din il-gwida qed issir f’forma ta’ mistoqsija u tweġiba, bil-Malti u bl-Ingliż,  għall-ġenituri/gwardjani tat-tfal tal-iskejjel primarji, medji u sekondarji.

Il-Ministeru jiġbed l-attenzjoni li t-tagħlim onlajn ser isir permezz tal-pjattaformi diġitali MS TEAMS u MySchool u t-tagħlim ser isir kuljum skont timetable. It-tagħlim onlajn jinkludi wkoll l-assessjar, il-classwork u l-homework u l-attendenza tat-tfal ser tkun qed tittieħed kuljum.


The Ministry of Education has published a set of guidelines on how our students will be learning online during this time when schools will be closed. The guidelines take the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and are available in both Maltese and English for parents/guardians of students attending Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools.

Teaching and learning will be based on the online platforms MS TEAMS and MySchool and a timetable will be prepared by the teachers. Online work will include assessment, classwork and home activities, and attendance will be registered everyday.

Għal Aktar Informazzjoni Żur – For More information Visit:

Gwida għall-Ġenituri dwar it-Tagħlim Onlajn

Application for Free Internet Service and Computers For Students in Need during School Closure

Intensive work is underway so that with the schools’ closure our students will not miss out on their learning. The Ministry for Education is giving its reassurance that the Ministry is looking at all the possible scenarios and challenges which can arise.

Preparatory work is underway to ensure all students will continue to receive quality education by means of high standards of digital platforms.  Aware of the fact that we may have students who do not have access to the internet or do not have a computer, the ministry will launch various initiatives including free internet and the provision of computers. We are referring to the period when our schools will be closed.

In addition to providing free internet service to cover the period that the schools will be closed, for those students who do not have a computer, laptop or tablet, the Ministry for Education will provide them with a computer to use during the period that the schools are closed until the 11th April, 2021. Further information can be obtained on 2598 1000 or by means of the link:

TEAMS Tutorials for Students

The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills wants to ensure that all students are able to access their virtual classrooms on Microsoft Teams and receive and send assignments.  For this reason we have prepared a video showing important tasks when using Microsoft Teams.  Click on each of the below to learn how to use various features of Microsoft Teams.  

Accessing TEAMS on your Device:

Viewing TEAM Posts:

Viewing and Downloading Files:

Different Types of Assignments:

Add your work to an Assignment:

Fill in a Word Document Assignment:

Add a Picture to a Word Document Assignment:

Fill in a NOTEBOOK Worksheet

Add a picture to a NOTEBOOK Worksheet:

Quiz Assignments:

Channels on TEAMS:

Chat Feature on TEAMS:

General Info on TEAMS Meetings:

Resources for Educators, Students and Guardians for Online Learning

The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills have prepared several resources for Educators, Students, and Parents/Carers, which can be used during this time where schools have once again been closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Click on the links below to check out the following Toolkits, Tutorials and Online Videos to help keep our students engaged!

Online and Distance toolkits for Primary schools

Tutorials on MS Teams for Secondary Schools

Activities for Primary Schools (Exemplars)

Activities for Middle Schools linked to Learning Outcomes (Year 7)

Activities for Middle Schools linked to Learning Outcomes (Year 8)

How to Use MS Teams for Students

Guidelines for Parents and Students

Webinars for Parents and Educators – Recordings of Past Sessions

Free Educational Learning Tools

Guides for Online Teaching

Click on the following links to access the guidelines for Online Teaching developed by the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills (DLTS) in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Department (QAD). Separate guidelines are available for Class Educators and SLT.

Back to Basics – Educational Blog by Prof. Charles Farrugia

screen-13.48.02[28.10.2020]The pandemic Covid-19 is playing havoc with our lives, not less so with our children’s schooling. On the positive side, home-learning and tele-schooling have stimulated parents and guardians to participate more closely in their children’s education. During this experience, parents have become more aware of the many issues that influence their children’s –young or teenagers- schooling.

Professor Charles Farrugia recently launched the educational blog Back to Basics. The blogs explore different aspects of teaching and learning. These blogs are directed mainly at parents/guardians but teachers and other educators may find them useful as well.

Learn more about Back to Basics by clicking on the following link:

Education – Back to Basics