Rabat Middle School Students Place 3rd in Online Science Safari 2021

Students from St. Nicholas College, Rabat Middle School, participated in the yearly Science Safari organised by the Science Centre in Pembroke. Over 350 students from all over Malta were included in this event. We are pleased to announce that Team 505, consisting of Amy Smith, Faith Bondin, and Julienne Portelli (Year 8) placed third in this competition. Well done to all our students at Rabat Middle School!

Click on the following video to watch the announcement of the winning teams:

Science Safari 2021 – Results

Our Online Work – St. Nicholas College Rabat Middle School

Due to the mitigation measures in place to counteract the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, this scholastic year saw large school gatherings, such as assemblies, being discontinued. In order to keep the channels of communication open, Educators and Senior Leadership Teams at St. Nicholas College, Rabat Middle Schools, used Microsoft Teams to reach all students, their parents/guardians, and all the staff.

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Online Music Sessions at Rabat Middle School

Students from Year 8 (London) during an online Music lesson with Mr.Simon Farrugia. The topic was world music. After researching about their favourite country and its music, each and every student presented his/her information. These are some pictures taken during this activity. Well done to Mr.Farrugia and his students for carrying out such an interesting activity online !

Transition to Rabat Middle School for Year 6 Students – Your Second Home !

The staff of Rabat Middle School has lovingly created the following video for Yr 6 students and parents, to help them familiarise themselves with their new school. The video also features meaningful messages from Ms. Josephine Mifsud, our college principal, Ms. Marita Abdilla, the Head of School and all the Assistant Heads at our school who will guide the new Year 7 students throughout the next two years. All the staff at Rabat Middle School can’t wait to welcome everyone to their school – your second home! Click on the link below to access the video:

Your Second Home – Rabat Middle School

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Rabat Middle School and Dingli Secondary School Students meet with the Minister for Education and Employment

Students from Rabat Middle School and Dingli Secondary school have made TV Headlines thanks to their participation in the Climate Detectives Project, which is hosted by the European Space Agency. Watch this short clip, produced by One TV, which describes their project as well as their meeting with Minister for Education and Employment, Dr. Owen Bonnici.


Rabat Middle School and Dingli Secondary School receive Commended Award from the European Space Agency

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 10.12.02

St. Nicholas College, Rabat Middle School and Dingli Secondary School participated in the Climate Detectives Project, which is hosted by the European Space Agency. We are pleased to announce that the Maltese Project, coordinated by Ms. Judith Smith (HoD Science) and Ms. Moira Buttigieg (HoD Geography) received  a Commended Award out of a total of 450 participating students. Below are the 4 schools who received this prestigious award:

Water Detectives, Malta – The team investigated how changes in climate, mainly rainfall and temperature, are impacting water flow and farming in Qlejgħa Valley, Malta.

Flood and wildfire explorers, Greece – The team investigated the effects of wildfires, deforestation, and increased precipitation on the severity of flash floods.

I.E.S.S. FOR CLIMATE, Italy – The team explored why in recent times sudden and violent whirlwinds are generated in the geographical area of Emilia Romagna, Italy.

Vianu Climate Detectives, Romania – The team  investigated whether there is any connection between deforestation and the disappearance of the ‘classical’ four seasons.

Full feedback on all the projects can be found here –https://www.esa.int/Education/Climate_detectives/Final_congratulations_to_the_2019-2020_Climate_Detectives_student_teams.




School Exchange Meeting: Rabat Middle School Teachers visit Dingli Secondary School

Monday 28th of October marked the second School Exchange Visit for Erasmus – Leadership for Change Project, which is a college-wide initiative in collaboration with European Schoolnet (Brussels), as well as schools from Portugal, Italy, Flanders, and Castilla y León.

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L2C School Exchange Visit – From Dingli Secondary to Rabat Middle School

Monday 21st of October marked the second School Exchange Visit for Erasmus – Leadership for Change Project, which is a college-wide initiative in collaboration with European Schoolnet (Brussels), as well as schools from Portugal, Italy, Flanders, and Castilla y León.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 13.53.55

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Internet Safety Day – Talk for Parents

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 11.25.20

St. Nicholas College is pleased to announce that we shall be holding a dedicated talk about Internet Safety on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019, from 8:30am to 9:30am, at Rabat Middle School. Participation is open to all parents/grandparents/guardians/carers.

During this session, Mr. Omar Seguna (Education Officer, DLTS) will be going through the possible downsides and signs to look out for when our students spend a lot of time online, such as online bullying, the dangers of being always connected, legal issues related to unsafe behaviour online, etc. There will also be time for some brief questions from the audience.

Should you wish to participate for this meeting, may we kindly ask you to send an email at amanda.debattista@ilearn.edu.mt  or call 25988000 / 25988004 (Amanda Debattista) by not later than Friday 1st of February 2019.

Rabat Middle School

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Rabat Middle School was originally inaugurated as a Boys Primary School in November 25, 1952. The school served as a Boys’ Primary for twenty one years after which it was changed to a Boys’ Secondary for another eight years, between 1973 and 1981.

As from 1981, the school became a girls’ secondary school and named Canon Paul Pullicino Girls’ Secondary School after one of the pioneers of education in Malta.

With the introduction of the concepts of middle schools and co-education in state schools, the school was designated as one of those which would be converted to a Middle School. Extensive works were carried out between 2014 and 2015 as the block in College Street was refurbished and the block in Ferris Street was pulled down and re-built. In September 2014, the school welcomed the first Year 7 students while the last Form 5 students from the Rabat Girls Secondary left in 2015.

Head of School: Ms. Marita Abdilla

Assistant Heads of School: Ms. Moira Navarro, Mr. George Micallef, Mr. Stephen Azzopardi

School Website:  https://sncrabatms.com

FB Page: Rabat Middle School St. Nicholas College