Attivita’ waqt il-European Sports Week fl-iskola Primarja ta’ Ħad-Dingli

NHAR IL-ĠIMGĦA 14 T’OTTUBRU is-Sur Jamie Muscat, għalliem tal-edukazzjoni fiżika, mexxa żewġ sessjonijiet ta’ logħob organizzat fuq it-turf fl-okkażjoni tal-European Sports Week. Iż-żewġ gruppi kienu magħmula mit-tfal tal-ewwel snin tal-primarja u mit-tfal tal-aħħar snin tal-primarja. Dawn ħadu gost jilagħbu diversi logħbiet ippreparati għalihom fi stazzjonijiet differenti taħt il-gwida tas-Sur Jamie u l-għalliema tagħhom. L-entużjażmu tagħhom kien jixhed l-impenn li wrew dawn it-tfal u anke l-gost li ħadu b’din l-esperjenza.

Fl-iskola Primarja ta’ Ħad-Dingli qed nippromwovu l-eżerċizzju fiżiku billi t-tfal mhux biss ikollhom lezzjonijiet ta’ edukazzjoni fiżika mill-għalliem speċjalizzat, iżda anke lezzjonijiet oħra fl-apert flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom li jsiru fuq bażi regolari – kemm jista’ jkun kuljum. Dan minbarra ż-żewġ brejks li fihom it-tfal ikollhom aċċess għal waħda mill-erba’ btieħi tal-iskola tagħna.

Harvest Day at Dingli Primary School

Year 2 and Year 6 students at Dingli Primary School participated in a first-hand learning experience of hand-picking olives, from the school garden. The students were actively engaged and embraced this activity whole-heartedly. 

Olives picked off the tree contain a very bitter compound called oleuropein. Harvested olives must be ‘cured’ to remove the bitterness and make them palatable. The EkoSkola students soaked the olives in water and changed the water for ten days. After curing, the olives were placed in a finish brine, which is a salt solution that adds the characteristic flavours. The olives were then placed in airtight jars, brought to school by the students. The olives now need to be stored for about a year. 

The students also harvested lemons and pomegranates from the school garden. They decided to sell the olive jars, lemons and pomegranates to members of staff as a fundraiser.

Boook Champion Award for Dingli Primary School

Dingli Primary school was given a GOLD AWARD for its sterling work in promoting reading amongst all pupils across the different age groups and abilities. The championship was organised by the AĠENZIJA NAZZJONALI TAL-LITERRIŻMU during scholastic year 2020-2021. The school encourages reading through various activities which include book borrowing, book appreciation, book quizzes and competitions, meeting the author, making our own book, as well as participating in other activities organised by the Aġenzija itself. The highlight of this year’s activities was a BOOK WEEK which culminated in a special day in which ‘ambassadors of reading’ contacted each class through TEAMS and read a favourite story to our pupils. Leading the ambassadors list was his grace the archbishop of Malta, Mgr Charles J. Scicluna who read the story of Samuel’s call.

Learning Together At Zabbar And Dingli Primary School

As an introduction to this year’s Book Week, Dingli and Zabbar A Primary schools organised an online story telling session.  Twin sisters, Mrs E. Galea and Mrs. P. Lombardo, the heads of the respective schools, read a story from the book  Is-Serduq tar-Razzett which was written by their late father Anthony Spiteri.  The book has been recently published by the National Literacy Agency and the story was read online to all the students of both schools.

During the powerpoint presentation, it was mentioned that even though there is the factor of distance between the two schools, this activity was still possible because it was organised online.  Both heads stressed the importance of reading daily.  They also spoke about how much they enjoyed themselves when as young girls, their father used to read to them his own stories.  While when they grew up and became mothers themselves, they used to read these stories to their own children.  Moreoever they said that they still like to read daily and also how they used to and still like to write various stories themselves.  Important information such as the author’s name, biography and blurb were also pointed out to the students.  Both sisters pointed out that there was always a lesson to be learnt from their father’s stories.

Online Sustainable Development Goals Festival at Dingli Primary School

An online SDG Festival for all parents and guardians, was held on 30th April 2021 at Dingli Primary, as part of the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Community Action Day. On the day, Yr 6 Jaguars launched an interesting video clip titled ‘Be Responsible, Be Sustainable’, which was also submitted as an entry for the YRE Competition. 

Through this video clip, Ms Michaela’s students spread an important message regarding sustainability, beyond the classroom. They highlighted the importance of informing oneself and of nurturing environmentally conscious minds. They gave concrete examples of how we can be responsible producers and consumers, taking immediate action for a more sustainable future

Dingli Primary School receives Gold Award – Dinja Waħda

Dingli Primary School recently received a Gold Award in recognition of its achievement in connecting children with nature through BirdLife Malta’s Dinja Waħda education programme.  This award was presented to the school in relation to activities carried out during scholastic year 2019-2020.Through this environmental programme, students are given the opportunity to connect with nature and to develop the skills, knowledge and values needed to protect the environment. 

Hands-on Maths Activity from Home with Dingli Primary School

The students of Yr 2 at St. Nicholas College, Dingli Primary School, participated in a hands-on Mathematics activity in their homes. They practiced multiples of five using their hands, under the supervision of Ms. Kimberelene, who is working from home with them. The children put paint on their hands and made handprints on a piece of cardboard paper; then they counted and wrote the multiples of 5. The children had fun whilst learning although being stuck at home! Thank you to the parents for their on going support to make online learning possible and FUN! 

Creative Writing Online at Dingli Primary School

Year 3.1 students at St. Nicholas College, Dingli Primary School, worked hard on their creative writing skills during the past week. The theme was ‘Spring’. Some children used Microsoft Sway to present their work. Here are some of the work they did online. (You need to be logged in with an iLearn account in order to view the work). Well done to Ms. Jenny and her students !

Open letter to the Minister for Education & Minister for Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Planning

As part of the Litterless Campaign, Yr 6 students at St.Nicholas College, Dingli Primary School, sent an email to the Minister for Education and Employment, Hon. Dr Justyne Caruana and Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning, Hon. Dr Aaron Farrugia.   In their email, the students talked about the survey they had carried out at school regarding the Breakfast Club. They had investigated and assessed the type of food that is not being eaten and why, and also how much food is being wasted. Their findings were discussed and recommendations were planned. Through their email, the students proposed realistic solutions to the authorities with the aim of raising awareness amongst other schools too.  #litterlesscampaign.

You can view the full text of the emails here:

Letter to Ministers

Dingli Primary School embarks on Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park Boundary Wall Project

Dingli Primary is currently participating in the Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park boundary wall project. This project consists of the embellishment of the perimeter wall of the park with indigenous plant and shrub species. 

The present boundary wall is being demolished and an environmentally sensitive boundary wall is being constructed. The new wall shall include a 1km long stretch of low level 5 course wall using weathered recycled limestone. It will also consist of 2 metre long planters where indigenous coastal shrubs from the Xrobb l-Għaġin peninsula shall be planted. 

Dingli Primary is one of 50 schools that has adopted a number of cuttings for propagation. Year 5 EkoSkola members have planted the cuttings and seeds and once they grow,  they will be planting them into the large planters making up the boundary wall.