Extension of Deadline for Skola Sport to 30 April 2020

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In light with the current COVID-19 situation, please note that deadline to submit  School Entry Application Form is extended to Thursday 30th April. Application forms can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

Application form from Year 6 to Year 7 (Primary to Middle School)

Application form from Year 8 to Year 9  (Middle to Secondary School)

Covid-19 Advice for Parents and Carers

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This is a time of uncertainty and a lot of children and young people will be feeling anxious and worried about what is going on. This is a normal response to the situation and below we offer some advice about what adults can do to help and support children and young people. There is a lot of information becoming available – this is great but may also be confusing, so we have pulled together some advice and some of our favourite links in to one place. We hope this will be helpful. Given that the situation is changing rapidly at the moment we will make updates from time to time which you will be able to find here: https://emergingminds.org.uk/resources/.

Download the following info-sheet for more tips and ideas of how to cope during this difficult time:  Supporting Children and Young Adults with Worries About Covid-19.


PSCD Activities for Years 3 & 4

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Our College PSCD Team – Ms. Speranza Spiteri, Ms. Maria Falzon and Ms. Pauline Gingell –  have prepared the following worksheets for Years 3 – 4, which can be carried out at home during this time of school closures. Simply follow the instructions below: Continue reading

Online Reading / eBook Websites and Resources

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During this time of school closures and home learning, it is important that students still find time to schedule some reading time during the day. Here is a list of educational websites which offer free eBooks for students to explore and read. Simply click on the name of the website in bold and you will be re-directed to the respective resource: Continue reading

Daily Scheduled Home Activities for Students with ADHD – Additude

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A daily schedule comforts and guides children with ADHD through uncertain times — namely, the coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Use this expert advice to keep your child happily learning and achieving goals while also social distancing and working from home and banding together as a family. The big questions are: What can you do to set up a family plan that fosters more cooperation and less arguing during this unsettled time of COVID-19? How can you devise a plan that you can actually follow and your kids will buy into? We know that kids with ADHD benefit from structure, but what can you realistically pull off? Here is some helpful advice to get you started.

Continue reading this interesting article with resources for students and their parents/guardians on Additude – Inside the ADHD Mind.

PSCD Indoor Challenge

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The PSCD Team at St. Nicholas College have prepared the following activities for Year 5/6 students which can be done at home. Resources were sent by Mr. Camilleri, Educational Officer PSCD, on behalf of Mr. Charles Tabone, PSCD teacher. Click on the link below to download the activity sheet:

PSCD Activity Sheet Years 5/6

Resources for Students on the Autism Spectrum

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Educational website How to Aba has prepared a list of educational websites that can help parents and guardians work with their children at home during this time of school lockdown. These resources are geared towards students who are on the autism spectrum; however, they can be used with all primary age children. Click on the links below to access the resources:

ABA Website

List of Resources

Literacy Prompts for Friday 20th March

The Literacy Team at St. Nicholas College will be preparing a list of daily slides for young students to work upon (Literacy Prompt). We will upload simple exercises daily, so make sure to check our website everyday! Here are the prompts for Friday, 20th March 2020.

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Kinder 1 and 2


Continue reading

Messaġġ Mill-Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni Dr. Owen Bonniċi Dwar l-Għeluq tal-Iskejjel


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Matul il-konferenza tal-aħbarijiet li saret nhar it-12 ta’ Marzu, 2020 kien tħabbar li l-iskejjel, childcare centres, kif ukoll l-istituzzjonijiet edukattivi kollha kienu se jagħlqu temporanjament b’effett mill-għada 13 ta’ Marzu 2020 sal-Ġimgħa 20 ta’ Marzu, 2020 bħala miżura ta’ prekawzjoni kontra t-tixrid tal-COVID-19. Dakinhar kien intqal ukoll li l-Gvern kien se jagħmel pronunzjamenti oħra f’din il-ġimgħa li qegħdin fiha dwar jekk il-perjodu tal-għeluq tal-iskejjel għandux jiġi estiż.

Illum qed inhabbru, wara konsultazzjonijiet mal-awtoritajiet tas-saħħa, l-perjodu ta’ għeluq tal-iskejjel, childcare centres, kif ukoll l-istituzzjonijiet edukattivi kollha se jiġi estiż. Continue reading