New Update on Teleskola: Parents’ & Guardians’ Section

A major update has been effected on, which includes the addition of a Parents’ & Guardians’ section on the portal. The new section is aimed to present crucial and students centric information to Parents and Guardians. The new section includes:

COVID-19 Response and Information Release
How to use Teleskola
Syllabi for all years
Past Papers for all years
Application Forms
Parent Courses
Option Subjects Information about all Optional Subjects
School Calendar
Uniforms information
Lifelong Learning Courses
Quick Help links

The new section can be access from the Homepage or by visiting

Back to School 2020/2021: Safety Protocols

Educators and students will be screened prior to entering the school premises every day. Visors or masks must be worn by those entering the school, and temperatures will be taken daily. Students and educators will also be asked to sanitise their hands with alcohol gel which will be available at the entrance of the school. Click on the link below to watch the the explanatory video (in both Maltese and English) :

Video: Safety Protocols

New Measures for Scholastic Year 2020/2021: Arrival and Dismissal Times

In preparation for the re-opening of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry for Education has released information with regards to the students’ arrival times, breaks and dismissal. These will be staggered according to the different Year Groups. Watch the video below (in both Maltese and English) to learn about this new protocol, which includes strict measures that do not allow persons other than educators and students to be on the premises:

Video: Arrival and Dismissal Times

Important Updates for Educators – Platforms for Teaching and Learning

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.30.16

Fronter phasing out

Kindly note that Fronter will be phasing out and will close in November 2020 due to its old functionalities which are not supported any longer by the provider. Hence you are encouraged to download any useful files by 30th October 2020. We recommend that you upload your files on One Drive to be easier for you to share with your students. Please find step-by-step instructions on how to download your files from Fronter here. Alternatively, you can also download the following presentation.

Ilearn email account

Please note that the Ilearn email account ( will not be effected and this will still be used when Fronter is closed.

The way forward

My School and Microsoft Teams will complement each other to carry out any activity that you need both in class and for online teaching and learning. This includes taking attendance, recording assessment, sending announcements to parent and students, sending work to students, receiving students’ work, correcting work and giving feedback, communicating and more. is another useful platform to share resources with students, educators and parents. These platforms are already widely used by educators, school leaders, students and parents.

We encourage you to learn more on:


My School:


For further info and support please join the new MS Team named ‘Fronter’ by clicking here.

Webinar for Educators – Transforming Education for the 21st Century

Why does education need to embrace transformation? What is the relevance of education to industry, and how can education handle the increasingly rapid rate of technological change?

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.08.48

These are just some of the questions that will be explored by thought leaders and stakeholders from PwC, Microsoft, MEDE, the National Skills Council, other social partners and industry representatives. The event is targeted towards the education institutions and educators across both private and public learning organisations, and all participants will be actively involved in the discussions through highly interactive surveys and QA sessions. The webinar will provide exposure to technology complemented by practitioner best practice in the field of education. Given the knowledge sharing potential and technical nature of this session, the event will contribute 120 mins of continuous professional development (CPD) time to all educators.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 2nd July, from 9am – 11am. To view the complete agenda, and register for the event, kindly visit:



A Farewell with a Difference from Dingli Primary School

The Scholastic Year 2019 – 2020 was certainly different from any other: the last term students and teachers did not attend school due to the Covid-19 pandemic; all teaching and learning was done online from mid-March onwards. That meant that schools could not organise the usual end-of-year activities to celebrate the achievements of the scholastic year. However, the staff at Dingli Primary School managed to give a final goodbye to their students, by organising a car-cade across the village, passing all the students’ houses. It was a great send-off for everyone and was even featured on national television. Click on the link below to read the article on TVM:

End of Year Car-Cade

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 09.45.21

Tislima lit-tfal tas-sitt sena tal-iskola Primarja Mġarr

Fis-snin li għaddew it-tfal tas-sitt sena kienu jingħataw tislima qabel jitilqu mill-iskola primarja b’diversi attivitajiet. Din is-sena kien hemm ippjanat programm b’live in b’diversi attivitajiet fosthom treasure hunts u star gazing. Sfortunatment dan kellu jitħassar minħabba s-sitwazzjoni preżenti li ġabet magħha il-Covid 19. Għaldaqstant l-Amministrazzjoni tal-iskola bl-għajnuna ta’ diversi għalliema ħolqu treasure hunt virtwali bil-parteċipazzjoni tat-tfal tas-sitt sena. Kull grupp ta’ tfal ingħata l-istess sfidi permezz ta’ numru ta’ għalliema li ħadu ħsieb kull grupp. L-isfidi kienu nteressanti u maħdumin madwar l-interessi tat-tfal. L-istudenti kellhom jieħdu ritratti mal-pets tagħhom, jagħmlu xirjiet virtwali u jagħmlu eżerċizzji fiżiċi fost oħrajn.

Din l-esperjenza għalkemm unika fiċ-ċirkostanzi preżenti kienet opportunita biex l-istudenti jużaw il-ħiliet tagħhom fit-teknoloġija waqt li jsaħħu u jiftakru dak li tgħallmu f’suġġetti diversi saħansitra fil-Health and Safety u PSD. Ma’ dan il-lat edukattiv ma naqasx il-fatt li l-istudenti u l-għalliema ħadu pjaċir immens jiġru mal-ħin biex isolvu l-mistoqsijiet.


Online Video with Department of Applied Sciences at MCAST for Year 11

Recently, the Department of Applied Sciences at MCAST held an online webinar highlighting career choices and courses available within the fields of Science and Technology. Click on the link below to access the online video recording of the session, which includes practical presentations about the different career paths available through MCAST courses:

Online Video – Department of Applied Sciences

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.38.57