Learning Together At Zabbar And Dingli Primary School

As an introduction to this year’s Book Week, Dingli and Zabbar A Primary schools organised an online story telling session.  Twin sisters, Mrs E. Galea and Mrs. P. Lombardo, the heads of the respective schools, read a story from the book  Is-Serduq tar-Razzett which was written by their late father Anthony Spiteri.  The book has been recently published by the National Literacy Agency and the story was read online to all the students of both schools.

During the powerpoint presentation, it was mentioned that even though there is the factor of distance between the two schools, this activity was still possible because it was organised online.  Both heads stressed the importance of reading daily.  They also spoke about how much they enjoyed themselves when as young girls, their father used to read to them his own stories.  While when they grew up and became mothers themselves, they used to read these stories to their own children.  Moreoever they said that they still like to read daily and also how they used to and still like to write various stories themselves.  Important information such as the author’s name, biography and blurb were also pointed out to the students.  Both sisters pointed out that there was always a lesson to be learnt from their father’s stories.

Online Sessions for Parents/Guardians – Early Language Development

The Language Policy in Education Unit within the National Literacy Agency, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta will be organising a series of online sessions on early language development. These sessions are intended for parents and guardians of children aged 0-5 and will be held in Maltese. The sessions, led by Dr. Daniela Gatt, will be held online, once a week from 15:30 to 17:00. The schedule is as follows:

Participants are to fill in the online form to book the sessions by clicking on this link:
https://forms.office.com/r/PKs5yVjKCa. An invitation to attend these sessions will be sent the day before each session. For further information please send an email to Dr. Lara Ann Vella on lara.ann.vella@ilearn.edu.mt or call on 25982130.

Online Sustainable Development Goals Festival at Dingli Primary School

An online SDG Festival for all parents and guardians, was held on 30th April 2021 at Dingli Primary, as part of the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Community Action Day. On the day, Yr 6 Jaguars launched an interesting video clip titled ‘Be Responsible, Be Sustainable’, which was also submitted as an entry for the YRE Competition. 

Through this video clip, Ms Michaela’s students spread an important message regarding sustainability, beyond the classroom. They highlighted the importance of informing oneself and of nurturing environmentally conscious minds. They gave concrete examples of how we can be responsible producers and consumers, taking immediate action for a more sustainable future

Morning Assembly with H.E. Reuben Gauci, High Commissioner for India

The students and educators at St. Nicholas College, Mġarr Primary School held a special assembly where they invited the High Commissioner for India, His Excellency Reuben Gauci Together they discussed the present situation in the country whilst High Commissioner Gauci explained his roles to the pupils. A small prayer was offered to our Indian brothers and sisters who are living quite a difficult time at the moment. The students also prepared letters and drawings to show their solidarity with the children in India, which His Excellency received with huge thanks on behalf of the people of India. The school administration wishes to thank High Commissioner Gauci for taking the time to join the students for the online assembly, and send prayers during these difficult times for India.

Virtual Video Library – Let’s Read Together

The virtual video library of the ‘Let’s Read Together/Naqraw Flimkien’ programme of the National Literacy Agency offers a range of recorded Reading for Pleasure sessions for children aged 0 to 11 years. These sessions were produced in English and Maltese by the reading animators of the Agency. The virtual library of the Agency is accessible to all educators and parents. Applicants may borrow up to two recorded sessions, one in Maltese and another one in English, everyday. These clips, which will be provided free of charge, will be time-barred for a limited period of circa 3 hours. Parents may choose the clips from the catalogues at:

To borrow a video clip kindly send an email to kurt.lee.azzopardi.2@ilearn.edu.mt and please provide the following information:
• Title of video clip
• Age of child (0-3, 3-7 or 7-11)
• Date and Time for viewing
(Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m, 12:30 a.m, 4:00 p.m or 7:00 p.m, Saturday 9:00 a.m or 12:00 p.m).

A link and password will be provided through email by Mr. Kurt Azzopardi tel. no. 2598 2997.

Online Sessions on Indigenous Trees for Years 5-10

Xrobb L-Għaġin Nature Park in collaboration with the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes and Ambjent Malta, is providing online sessions about indigenous trees for Yrs 5 to 10 as part of its Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme. The sessions are aligned mostly to the learning outcomes of the cross-curricular theme Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and cross-referenced with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They provide opportunities to get acquainted with the local trees and shrubs species, their life cycle and adaptations that help them thrive in the Mediterranean climate. They also aim at understanding the relevance of safeguarding vegetation in relation to environmental matters such as climate change and the urban heat islands effect. To this effect, tree height measurements will be carried out as part of the actions of Xrobb l-Għaġin GLOBE site within the international science education GLOBE programme, targeting to stimulate critical thinking on how trees cool and moisten our air, replenish oxygen and help balance our carbon budget.

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My Mask – I Care Campaign at St Nicholas Secondary School Ħad-Dingli

Covid 19 – Lockdowns, air, land and sea traffic came almost to a halt, the cities went silent. The world went silent. What was the effect of this sudden change on the environment?

Students at Saint Nicholas College Secondary School Ħad-Dingli have been investigating the effect of Covid-19 on the environment. Lockdowns and teleworking may be having some positive impacts on our environment. Between 1st January and 2nd March of 2020, the European Space Agency observed a marked decline in nitrous oxide emissions from cars, powerplants and factories in the Po Valley in northern Italy. Areas in the North of India such as Jalandhar and the Himalayas became visible again for the first time in decades as air quality improved. Rivers around the world, including the Ganges in India, became cleaner during the first lockdown period in 2020.

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Rabat Middle School Students Place 3rd in Online Science Safari 2021

Students from St. Nicholas College, Rabat Middle School, participated in the yearly Science Safari organised by the Science Centre in Pembroke. Over 350 students from all over Malta were included in this event. We are pleased to announce that Team 505, consisting of Amy Smith, Faith Bondin, and Julienne Portelli (Year 8) placed third in this competition. Well done to all our students at Rabat Middle School!

Click on the following video to watch the announcement of the winning teams:

Science Safari 2021 – Results

Żjara Virtwali fl-Iskola Sekondarja ta’Ħad-Dingli

Merħba għal din  il-mawra virtwali madwar l-iskola Sekondarja ta’ Ħad-Dingli, Kulleġġ San Nikola,  li matulha qegħdin nagħtu idea ta’ dak kollu li l-iskola toffri lill-istudenti .  Nawguraw lil kull student u studenta li se jattendu f’din l-iskola kull suċċess fil-vjaġġ edukattiv tagħhom.

Ikklikja fuq dan il-link biex tkun tista taċċessa il-vidjow: Skola Sekondarja Dingli