Online Family Writing Activity – Ġgantija Temples

This year, the National Literacy Agency will be organising again free of charge Family Writing activities, in Maltese and English, for children and their families. These activities offer families a positive experience of the writing process in a fun and relaxed setting. In the present circumstances, the National Literacy Agency, in collaboration with Heritage Malta, is organising an online Family Writing Activity about the ‘Ġgantija Temples’. This online event will be delivered in Maltese.

Families who wish to participate are to apply as follows:

Families who wish to participate in this activity are asked to fill in an online form, by clicking on the link provided above, by not later than Friday 21st January 2022. Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis.

For more information about this activity, kindly contact us on 2598 2997 or by email to

Learning Box – Learning at Your Own Pace

From the 30th November 2021, the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability started offering several self-paced and blended learning courses as part of its learning provision. These courses are brought together by professionals and adult learning educators shifting the method of learning from in-class or educator-directed to digital and educator-supported.

What is Learning Box?

Through self-paced and blended courses, adult learners can further their education, upskill, or reskill according to their needs. Learning box aims to provide immersive and engaging digital educational opportunities accessible at any time to adult learners. Furthermore, ensuring high quality standards education in the provision of adult education and focusing on reaching more adult learners including working adults for upskilling and reskilling purposes.

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Competition – Design a Logo for the Games for Small States of Europe

As was the case in 1993 and 2003, Malta will once again be hosting the Games for the Small States of Europe (GSSE) in June 2023. Ahead of this prestigious event, the Maltese Olympic Committee (MOC), in collaboration with the MFED Centre for Physical Education and Sport, will be organising a design competition among students aged between 10 and 18.

  • Participants are welcome to submit their designs for the official mascot and/or the official logo of the event.
  • Winning entries will be displayed prominently both during the run up to the Games and also during the event itself.
  • The official mascot and logo will be displayed on all official social media, correspondence, media releases, merchandise, advertising items, etc.
  • It is strongly recommended to refer to previous mascots and logos of GSSE editions in order to clearly understand and meet the expectations of this event

Terms and Conditions of the Competition can be downloaded here: Terms and Conditions

Educational Resource Pack – Raising Awareness About Sustainable Living

On 10th November 2021, Nature Trust – FEE Malta via its EkoSkola Programme launched an educational resource pack aimed at raising awareness and encouraging students’ actions towards sustainable living, responsible consumption, care for marine biodiversity, and the reduction of litter. A recurrent theme at the COP 26 meeting, as well as other similar international events, was the need for a change in mindsets that would enable the effective decisions needed to change the way we live and the choices we make. However, a change in mindset is dependent on a well-planned educational process that does not focus only on the acquisition of knowledge, but more importantly on the development of skills, attitudes and values. This enables the learner – irrespective of the age – to develop the ability to take effective actions and become an active citizen bringing about change first in his or her behaviour and then
in the community.

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Friendship Cards – Resources and Training Sessions for Educators

Friendship Cards are a new educational tool thought to improve the lives of whoever makes use of them. The cards have been developed by Relationships are Forever Foundation, with the intention of helping children and youth develop their abilities to build strong relationships with their families, friends and others that they will come across during the course of their lives.

The first edition of Friendship Cards is focused on Resolving Conflicts. These cards aim to help students to:

  • Feel comfortable in saying how you feel, talking with each other and finding out what caused the disagreement;
  • Realise that you may have said or done something wrong;
  • Focus on taking positive steps and avoiding hurtful behaviour so that you can make up and be good friends again.

Courses for Educators and Parents/Guardians

The Foundation is organising a series of courses for Educators, Youth Workers, and Families (MQF Level 3) which will enable participants to learn how to use the friendship cards, as well as receive a resource pack.

More information and dates can be accessed here:

Harvest Day at Dingli Primary School

Year 2 and Year 6 students at Dingli Primary School participated in a first-hand learning experience of hand-picking olives, from the school garden. The students were actively engaged and embraced this activity whole-heartedly. 

Olives picked off the tree contain a very bitter compound called oleuropein. Harvested olives must be ‘cured’ to remove the bitterness and make them palatable. The EkoSkola students soaked the olives in water and changed the water for ten days. After curing, the olives were placed in a finish brine, which is a salt solution that adds the characteristic flavours. The olives were then placed in airtight jars, brought to school by the students. The olives now need to be stored for about a year. 

The students also harvested lemons and pomegranates from the school garden. They decided to sell the olive jars, lemons and pomegranates to members of staff as a fundraiser.

Young Reporters for the Environment – 2021/2022

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an international programme (run by FEE and
represented locally by Nature Trust – FEE Malta) designed specifically for upper primary, secondary and post-secondary students. The main aim is to empower young people to take a stand on environmental issues they feel strong about and to give them a platform to articulate these issues through the media of writing, photography or video. Schools from primary, secondary and post secondary sectors are invited to participate. An information session / teacher training session will be held online on Thursday 2nd December 2021 from 10am – 11am. For those who cannot attend, the session will be recorded. Kindly register through the link below to show your interest: Register Here.

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Policy Frameworks for Early Childhood Education and Care

National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care Services (0-3 years)

The Ministry for Education (MFED) considers the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), as the most important time in the life of children, a period which directly impacts on how a child approaches future learning and social-emotional challenges.  MFED has signalled ECEC as one of the priorities and drivers in its ongoing efforts to achieve the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). After a thorough consultation with all major stakeholders, the Ministry has launched the new national standards, Early Childhood Education and Care Services (0-3 Years) in October 2021. These standards are intended to apply equally to childcare ECEC services operating both in the public and private sectors.

Early Childhood Education and Care (0-7) National Policy Framework for Malta and Gozo

In October 2021, the Ministry for Education (MFED) published the Early Childhood Education and Care (0-7) National Policy Framework for Malta and Gozo. This document identifies five primary goals in achieving the national vision in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) where the focus is for young children’s development to be maximised.

You may view the policy documents by clicking on the following link:

The National Standards for Early Childhood and Care Policy is launched – The Office of the Permanent Secetary (

Christmas Initiative for Children – Grandparents’ Post Office

It is the Festive Season again! This Festive Season there are going to be elderly people who are not going to have any family or loved ones to celebrate with. You children can help!

How? It is very simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Write or draw a message on an A4 white paper. You can use any medium
    such as colours, markers, paint etc.. You can also choose to design your
    message digitally
  2. Address it to a Grandparent
  3. Scan or take a high quality photo of your message and,
  4. Upload your message on
    This portal was developed by Prof Alexiei Dingli, Mr Stephen Bezzina and Ms
    Marvic Sciberras.

Then the team at the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society will print your messages, put them in an envelope and deliver them to the elderly, for the festive season.

When? We welcome your designs, drawings and messages as from the 22nd November till the 5th December.

We are looking forward to receiving a lot of messages from you CHILDREN, so that together we can make our GRANDPARENTS happy for this festive