20 updates for Microsoft Teams for Education, including 7×7 video and Breakout Rooms

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.29.31Over the last few months, schools and institutions have been working tirelessly to enable distance learning. One of the most common tools being used is Microsoft Teams. New features are rolled out regularly to help the overall learning experience for both students and educators. Some of the updates which have already been done, or will be by the end of June, include:

Getting back-to-school ready with 4 top-requested features

What is available now, what’s coming soon

Resources for educators

Guidance for IT admins

For more information and to keep updated on Team’s new features, visit the Microsoft’s Tech Community Blog on: https://bit.ly/2Y4iYKZ.

Lesson Planning for Teaching Live Online

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While there are many similarities between face-to-face lessons and online lessons, there are a lot of differences too. These things are the same: the basic structure of beginning, middle and end, the principles of good teaching, the importance of learning objectives and the need for explanations. However, the delivery is different, the interactions between learners are different and, more importantly, online learning is much more intense for everyone.

British Council have prepared an info sheet aimed at helping educators plan and deliver online lessons. Click on the link below to access this document:

Lesson Planning for Teaching Live Online – By British Council

Vocabulary Spelling City: Website and Apps

Vocabulary Spelling City offers more than 40 engaging word study games and activities to practice vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing. It can help students hear, say, write, break down and play with words. The site can be accessed from a computer or mobile device via the app.


Website: Vocabulary Spelling City

App Store: iOS App

Google Play: Android App

Watch Teleskola on TVM2 every Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon!

Teleskola – Your School at Home – was built to help parents, guardians, students and educators to easily find distance learning resources and lessons. Currently there are over 1,500 lessons across all subjects. You can also watch Teleskola on TVM2 every Tuesday and Thursday at 15:30. Another opportunity for students along with their families to continue their learning at home!

EkoSkola Newsletter Nr.64

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The latest edition of the EkoSkola Newsletter (Nr. 64) is now out! Besides reports about activities that were organised before the school closure, there is also a guide to resources and support related to ESD that are being offered particularly during this difficult period.

Download the newsletter here:  EkoSkola Newsletter Nr.64

Free Digital Resources on Nessy.com

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In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Nessy is offering the free use of our digital learning platform* to support the continued education of children. The structured language programs automatically guide the instruction of phonics, reading, spelling and writing to children aged 5-12 years. Nessy is effective for all children, not just those with dyslexia. Teachers may monitor student progress remotely. You can access the resources by accessing the following link: Nessy