Linji gwida għal użu kurrikulari tal-filmati animati Id-Denfil

Bħala parti mill-inizjattivi biex jinħolqu riżorsi edukattivi animati bil-Malti, id-Dipartiment tal-Malti jixtieq jgħarraf lill-għalliema tal-primarja li fis-sit elettroniku ittellgħu għadd ta’ riżorsi marbuta mal-filmati animati tas-sensiela popolari Id-Denfil.

Dawn il-filmati, barra li jistgħu jintużaw għal skop ta’ rikreazzjoni u divertiment, għandhom iservu wkoll bħala riżorsa għat-taħriġ tal-istudenti f’għadd ta’ ħiliet fil-Malti. Għalhekk inħolqu kampjuni ta’ riżorsi u qed jingħataw ideatu suġġerimenti kif l-għalliema jistgħu jużaw dawn il-filmati animatifil-lezzjonijiet tagħhom biex jgħinu lill-istudenti jilħqu għadd ta’ kisbiet differenti tal-Malti skont is-sillabi tar-4 u 5 sena tal-primarja.

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Reading for Pleasure: Online Reading Sessions

The National Literacy Agency has compiled a series of video clips showing reading for pleasure sessions for early years and primary school children. These videoclips introduce books in a fun way to promote a love of reading. These sessions were prepared by The National Literacy Agency’s reading animators. Books are animated in a way which stimulates children’s imagination. Each book is enhanced with activities and exercises related to the story. The videoclips are appropriate for different age groups and are uploaded on The National Literacy Agency’s youtube channel. They can be accessed on these links:

The Early Years:

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Years 5 and 6:

Educational Resource Pack – Raising Awareness About Sustainable Living

On 10th November 2021, Nature Trust – FEE Malta via its EkoSkola Programme launched an educational resource pack aimed at raising awareness and encouraging students’ actions towards sustainable living, responsible consumption, care for marine biodiversity, and the reduction of litter. A recurrent theme at the COP 26 meeting, as well as other similar international events, was the need for a change in mindsets that would enable the effective decisions needed to change the way we live and the choices we make. However, a change in mindset is dependent on a well-planned educational process that does not focus only on the acquisition of knowledge, but more importantly on the development of skills, attitudes and values. This enables the learner – irrespective of the age – to develop the ability to take effective actions and become an active citizen bringing about change first in his or her behaviour and then
in the community.

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Climate Change: New Online Platform for Educators and Students

The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes and CEER (Centre for Environmental Education Research) would like to draw educators’ attention to a new online platform, namely Our Planet, Our Future. A link to this platform will be available on Created by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Climate Action, this platform can support students to understand the causes and impacts of climate change while providing solutions towards a climate-friendly society. The information, activities and interactive resources found within this platform can support educators to facilitate dynamic and cross-curricular learning experiences that promote the acquisition of skills and competences including, research, inquiry, collaborative learning and creative problem solving.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that the world is facing today. Around the world, young people have been raising their voices and taking action to fight climate change. Therefore, it is important to introduce this energy into schools and empower students to act as catalysts for a better future. Further information about this platform can be sought directly through Schools wishing more information about educator training in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Education can contact Mr Francesco Debono on


Our Planet, Our Future Home Page:

Teachers’ Hub:

L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika

L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika – part of the MPO’s continuous efforts to bring music closer to younger audiences – is an edutainment series of 15-minutes episodes delving into aspects of orchestral music. 

Introducing Allegra and Strauss, the two inquisitive young investigators seek to discover this genre through a number of set missions forwarded to them by ‘the expert’. Their adventures cover a wide range of subjects: composers, instruments, techniques, and genres amongst others.  

Allegra and Strauss meet The Scientist, who explains to them scientific principals involved in creating and listening to music.

This project is presented in collaboration with The Ministry of Education

DANIEL CAUCHI Artistic Director

L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika – Online Project by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Following on the success of the Christmas Project Għanjiet tal-Milied, the MPO is introducing a new educational project entitled L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika, presented in collaboration with the Ministry for Education.  The initiative aims to inspire young audiences whilst underlying the pivotal role of arts for the development of our society while seeking to bolster the local educational infrastructure, most particularly by utilizing the Maltese language (with English subtitles) and create a legacy of resources to be enjoyed by school intakes in the coming years.

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Tnediet Sensiela Animata għat-Tfal Bl-Isem Ta’ Emme

L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu nediet sensiela ta’ animazzjonijiet viżivi magħmula apposta għat-tfal ċkejknin bl-isem ta’ Emme.

Kull episodju jittratta sitwazzjoni jew avventura li fiha hemm Emme bħala protagonista. Emme huwa merill li għadu żgħir ħafna. Għadu kif beda jmur l-iskola u qed jitgħallem kif iġib ruħu ma’ sħabu. Dawn huma sitwazzjonijiet li t-tfal żgħar jistgħu jirrelataw magħhom permezz ta’ dawn l-animazzjonijiet viżivi. Il-kitba hija ta’ Clare Azzopardi, id-disinji u l-animazzjoni ta’ Matthew Stroud, in-narrazzjoni ta’ Kenneth Scicluna u l-mużika ta’ Maria Mifsud. Il-produzzjoni saret għall-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu.

Għal aktar episodji dwar Emme, wieħed jista’ jżur l-istazzjon tal-YouTube L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu:

Resources for PSCD Educators and students on Animal Awareness

The Commissioner for Animal Welfare, Ms. Alison Bezzina, has recorded a 5-minute message (in both Maltese and English) for PSCD Educators to show their students attending Years 4 – 6 during their lessons. The messages can be downloaded here:

Verżjoni bil-Malti

English Version

Furthermore, the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare has published a bilingual publication aimed at Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 to be distributed free to every child in these groups when the video clip is shown in class. Schools are to send an email to indicating how many copies of books are required and these
will be delivered to schools for free. Orders need to be sent by Thursday 29th April 2021 with delivery to be expected in May and until stocks last, on a first come first served basis.

Alison Bezzina, Commissioner

Qari għal Qalbi – Digital Library of Books in Maltese

The National Literacy Agency would like to inform educators and parents that the Maltese reading scheme ‘Qari għal Qalbi’, which was launched in November 2020, offers a digital l ibrary of books in Maltese. Primary school pupils and educators may access 260 digital books in Maltese from the website

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Our Online Work – St. Nicholas College Rabat Middle School

Due to the mitigation measures in place to counteract the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, this scholastic year saw large school gatherings, such as assemblies, being discontinued. In order to keep the channels of communication open, Educators and Senior Leadership Teams at St. Nicholas College, Rabat Middle Schools, used Microsoft Teams to reach all students, their parents/guardians, and all the staff.

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