L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika – Online Project by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Following on the success of the Christmas Project Għanjiet tal-Milied, the MPO is introducing a new educational project entitled L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika, presented in collaboration with the Ministry for Education.  The initiative aims to inspire young audiences whilst underlying the pivotal role of arts for the development of our society while seeking to bolster the local educational infrastructure, most particularly by utilizing the Maltese language (with English subtitles) and create a legacy of resources to be enjoyed by school intakes in the coming years.

Spearheaded by the creative team behind the Għanjiet, L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika is part of MPO’s continuous efforts to bring music closer to younger audiences, aiming to be both
entertaining and informative. L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika introduces young audiences to Allegra and Strauss, two inquisitive young investigators who discover the world of orchestral music through several set missions forwarded to them by ‘the expert’.

Their adventures cover a wide range of subjects: composers, instruments, techniques, and genres amongst others. Allegra and Strauss are determined to get to the bottom of each subject and to share all the exciting information they come across. The edutainment production consists of a series of thirteen 15-minutes episodes which explain various aspects related to orchestral music in a fun and engaging way. L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika is primarily targeted for children in the Primary Schools (Years 1 to 6) around Malta and Gozo. It will also be streamed on the MPO’s digital platforms.

The episodes will be aired on the MPO YouTube Channel and the first two episodes are already available: Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

More information can be accessed from the MPO website: Malta Philharmonic Orchestra │Malta’s Leading Musical Institution (maltaorchestra.com)