Dingli Primary School


The first primary school at Dingli was founded in 1858. In 1903, it moved to 17, Main Street. These first 8 classrooms are still being used to date. In the early 1960′s, a new wing was built. Before being amalgamated with the primary school, for a number of years the newly-built block was used as an Area Secondary School. In 1975 the first Kindergarten class was opened. Nowadays Dingli Primary School caters for 9 primary classes and  5 kindergarten classes.

Internet Safety Day – Talk for Parents

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St. Nicholas College is pleased to announce that we shall be holding a dedicated talk about Internet Safety on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019, from 8:30am to 9:30am, at Rabat Middle School. Participation is open to all parents/grandparents/guardians/carers.

During this session, Mr. Omar Seguna (Education Officer, DLTS) will be going through the possible downsides and signs to look out for when our students spend a lot of time online, such as online bullying, the dangers of being always connected, legal issues related to unsafe behaviour online, etc. There will also be time for some brief questions from the audience.

Should you wish to participate for this meeting, may we kindly ask you to send an email at amanda.debattista@ilearn.edu.mt  or call 25988000 / 25988004 (Amanda Debattista) by not later than Friday 1st of February 2019.

Paragon Europe

Mgarr Primary School hosted 6 teachers from Poland via Paragon Europe, a local intermediary company based both in Malta and in Brussels which collaborates with institutions, universities and agencies across Europe to assist their students in finding adequate unpaid work placement as part of their ERASMUS + programme.

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Six teachers from a Polish institution requested to carry out job shadowing in primary schools, and they were given a brief introduction about the school. Then they proceeding to a year 2 class where they observed an English lesson. They also joined in  in the various activities the teacher prepared.

Special thanks goes to Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2 teacher who gladly shared her teaching experience with our Polish guests.


Call for Applications – eTwinning Schools

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In 2018, 1212 Schools were awarded with the eTwinning School Label and every year more schools will join this exciting, new network. In order to capture, understand and support the ways in which eTwinning Schools interpret their role (for instance by developing shared leadership, teacher collaboration, students/parents/local community involvement), the eTwinning team will conduct a qualitative monitoring activity in 2019-2020 with the aim to publish a Report. This will be done, among other things, via a survey which will investigate on the ways eTwinning Schools interact with the schools in their area and provide support, training and promotional activities.

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My Journey – Choice of Subjects Fair

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In preparation for Year 8’s subject choice, the Ministry for Education is organising the Choice of Subjects National Fair. Students will be attending talks during the week, whilst parents and guardians are invited to attend one of the meetings which will be held at the Phoenicia Hotel and the Ministry for Education on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd February 2019. The meetings at the Phoenicia will be held in English, whilst those at the Ministry will be held in Maltese. Students will be able to accompany their parents/guardians during the meetings held at the Phoenicia and the Ministry for Education.

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Rabat Middle School

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Rabat Middle School was originally inaugurated as a Boys Primary School in November 25, 1952. The school served as a Boys’ Primary for twenty one years after which it was changed to a Boys’ Secondary for another eight years, between 1973 and 1981.

As from 1981, the school became a girls’ secondary school and named Canon Paul Pullicino Girls’ Secondary School after one of the pioneers of education in Malta.

With the introduction of the concepts of middle schools and co-education in state schools, the school was designated as one of those which would be converted to a Middle School. Extensive works were carried out between 2014 and 2015 as the block in College Street was refurbished and the block in Ferris Street was pulled down and re-built. In September 2014, the school welcomed the first Year 7 students while the last Form 5 students from the Rabat Girls Secondary left in 2015.

Head of School: Ms. Marita Abdilla

Assistant Heads of School: Ms. Moira Navarro, Mr. George Micallef, Mr. Stephen Azzopardi

School Website:  https://sncrabatms.com

FB Page: Rabat Middle School St. Nicholas College

Road Works in Rabat – G. Borg Oliver Street

Parents and Guardians whose children attend Rabat and Dingli schools (both Primary, Middle and Secondary), kindly note that road works are now in progress at George Borg Oliver Street in Rabat. Works commenced on the 21st January (at St. Domenic Church side). For those students making use of public transport (Tal-Linja) in order to attend/return home from school, kindly note changes in Public Transport Bus Journeys for routes 51, 52, 53, 56, 181 and 201. 

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More information can be obtained from Dingli Local Council Facebook Page.

Rabat Primary School

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Rabat Primary School is housed in two separate buildings, an old building in College Street and a more recent building in Ferris Street. The Junior School, which caters for children whose ages range between 2 years 9 months and 5 years, attending two kindergarten years and one early primary year, is situated in College Street. The old building which houses this section is in fact the first school built in Rabat. The first children attended this school during scholastic year 1896/1897. The second building in Ferris street, was built much later, in fact it dates back only to the nineteen seventies.  This houses students attending Years 2 – 6.

Head of School: Ms. Antonella Ferrante

Assistant Heads of School: Ms. Stephanie Zammit, Ms. Charlene Mifsud, Ms. Maria Muscat, Ms. Tania Ristovic.

School Website: https://snc.rabat.skola.edu.mt/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/RabatPrimarySchool/ 

Professional Development Opportunity for Educators

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Imparting 21st Century skills through technology is a blended learning course offered by Microsoft in collaboration with the Institute for Education, the DLAP and IMU. This professional development is not just about teaching teachers how to use technology; it is more focused on how to help teachers better prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow. 50% of the time will be dedicated to better understand the value of 21st century skills (collaboration, knowledge-construction, self-regulation, problem-solving, innovation, ICT, communication). The other 50% of the time will be dedicated on the use of technology including O365, Minecraft: Education Edition, Micro:bit, Skype, hands-on workshops, computational thinking and working on redesigning the lesson.

The full program can be accessed here: Program

The professional development can be part of the accelerated progression scheme and will have a total value of 150 hours. Since the places are limited those selected will require to submit a scanned copy of their Teaching Degree minimum MQF level 6 and consequently it will be on a first come first served basis but preference will be given to the first person applying from every college if eligibility requirements are met. This will be done to ensure all colleges will get a possibility of representation.

Applications should be submitted online by following the link: https://goo.gl/68TrRC. Deadline for submission of applications is the 24th January.

Kindergarten Intake Dates – February 2019

School doors will open for Kindergarten students on the 4th of February, 2019. This date is specified by the new Sectoral Agreement, as signed by MUT and the Ministry for Education and Employment in December of 2017. More details can be found on Page 21 of the Agreement, under the heading Kindergarten, Clause 11.1. The Sectoral Agreement can also be accessed here: https://education.gov.mt/en/Documents/Sectoral%20Agreement.pdf