Webinar: Supporting Students To Plan Their Learning Journey

The MFHEA is organising this webinar as part of the European Qualifications Framework National Coordination Point Malta 2021 – 2023 Project. The webinar will be presented by Dr Carlos Grima, the expert responsible for preparing the Lesson Plan on the MQF. In light of this, anyone related to guidance and supporting students is invited to attend this online webinar on Wednesday 7th December 2022 from 4.00pm till 5.00pm. PSCD teachers are particularly encouraged to attend due to their role in career learning and development.

Location: Online on Microsoft Teams. For further information kindly contact us on mqf@mfhea.mt. Registration can be done here. See draft: Agenda.

Prospectus: Training Sessions for Middle and Secondary Schools

The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills is once again offering training sessions for educators in Middle and Secondary Schools as part of the professional development sessions organised by schools. In this booklet we are pleased to announce a list of the courses that we are proposing, aimed to develop both the soft skills and competences of our educators.

Click on the following link to view our online prospectus:

Prospectus 2022/23

Seminar for Educators – Learn Machine Learning

The Science Centre (Pembroke) invites teachers to participate in a training session entitled Learn Machine Learning Seminar: Fundamentals and Applications of AI in Education. The training targets all educators interested to explore ways of integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning in their classrooms. The seminar is scheduled for Friday 3rdJune and will be held at Veranda, Sqaq taċ-Ċawla, ir Rabat (https://goo.gl/maps/mx4bFg6PvGBrc6au9). The seminar programme can be found just below this post (click to enlarge picture). The seminar is held as part of the Learn Machine Learning Project. Interested educators are kindly requested to register online through the link https://forms.office.com/r/1e0SDPcCMD by Friday 27thMay 2022.

Scientix Seminar for Mathematics Teachers

The science centre in Pembroke recently organised the Scientix Seminar. The seminar engaged Mathematics teachers to explore the newly designed SEAC Maths Resource packs and share the positive experiences of educators planning mathematic activities within an applied setting. Ms. D. Scicluna Bugeja (Assistant Director – DLAP) welcomed the seminar participants and highlighted the educator’s pivotal role to adapt resources, thus facilitating students learning and achievements.

Ms. Katya Borg and Mr. Martin Galea shared their positive experiences of using the SEAC resource packs in year 9 and year 10 classes.

Mr. Mario Muscat (EO – Integrated Science) delivered a presentation related to the Scientix network and encouraged seminar participants to browse the Scientix portal to discover a range of shared teaching tools and STEM projects.

During the second part of the seminar, the participants engaged in hands-on workshops to discuss and use a range of activities from the resource packs. Educators are encouraged to browse the Scientix website www.scientix.eu or contact the Science Centre for further information related to forthcoming initiatives and seminars. Mathematics teachers that are interested to receive a copy of the SEAC Maths Resource Packs can contact Ms. Miriam Bugeja (EO – Mathematics Sec).

Friendship Cards – Resources and Training Sessions for Educators

Friendship Cards are a new educational tool thought to improve the lives of whoever makes use of them. The cards have been developed by Relationships are Forever Foundation, with the intention of helping children and youth develop their abilities to build strong relationships with their families, friends and others that they will come across during the course of their lives.

The first edition of Friendship Cards is focused on Resolving Conflicts. These cards aim to help students to:

  • Feel comfortable in saying how you feel, talking with each other and finding out what caused the disagreement;
  • Realise that you may have said or done something wrong;
  • Focus on taking positive steps and avoiding hurtful behaviour so that you can make up and be good friends again.

Courses for Educators and Parents/Guardians

The Foundation is organising a series of courses for Educators, Youth Workers, and Families (MQF Level 3) which will enable participants to learn how to use the friendship cards, as well as receive a resource pack.

More information and dates can be accessed here: https://www.friendshipcards.org/availability/