Art Projects for Students by Cynthia Sali

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Artist Cynthia Sali has created a set of easy to follow art projects which can be done by students at home. You can visit her Facebook Page, as well as YouTube channel for self-explanatory, step-by-step video instructions.

Facebook Page:

YouTube Channel:

Free Digital Resources on

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In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Nessy is offering the free use of our digital learning platform* to support the continued education of children. The structured language programs automatically guide the instruction of phonics, reading, spelling and writing to children aged 5-12 years. Nessy is effective for all children, not just those with dyslexia. Teachers may monitor student progress remotely. You can access the resources by accessing the following link: Nessy


Andy Warhol – Presentation and Resources for Primary School Students

Ms. Nicole, Art Teacher at St. Nicholas College, has prepared the following presentation about pop artist Andy Warhol. She has prepared a Power Point Presentation, with videos and printable activities. You can access this resource by clicking on the following link:

Andy Warhol Presentation by Ms. Nicole

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Literacy Prompts for Monday 30 March

The Literacy Team at St. Nicholas College will be preparing a list of daily slides for young students to work upon (Literacy Prompt). We will upload simple exercises daily, so make sure to check our website everyday! Here are the prompts for Monday, 30 March 2020.

8 Kinder JW

Kinder 1 and 2


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OTPC Tablets – Removal of Filtering as of 30 March 2020

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OTPC tablets provide an educational environment through which the student can access content provided by the teacher. Since the closing of schools, OTPC tablet usage has drastically increased. We are informed of great practices including tablet usage for regular communication and sharing of learning material. To enhance such usage during this period and to facilitate the work of teachers, MEDE will be opening Internet filtering on OTPC tablets as from Monday 30th March at 8am. May we remind all parents that as for any other digital devices, parents should be aware of what their children see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves. It is important that you talk with your kids and keep an eye on their activities. For further details on the One Tablet Per Child project visit:

Visit a Virtual Museum!

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During this difficult time of school closures, the team at Robocoach  have been doing some research to help find some interesting activities which can be done from the comfort of our homes whilst incorporating some educational aspects. The first resource they are sharing with us is an interactive page where you can access links to virtual museums. Download the handout below, so that you will be able to virtually step into one of those fantastic spaces simply by clicking on each picture !

Virtual Museums Handout

How to access resources online: Fronter, iLearn, My School and Teams

During this time of school closures due to Covid-19, teachers, carers and students are relying on digital platforms in order to communicate and view each others’ work. This video was prepared by Jason Bugeja, Digital Literacy Support Teacher (Secondary) to help students to find online lessons uploaded by their teachers on various platforms currently used in government schools mainly: – Fronter – iLearn email (Outlook) – MySchool – Teams.

Covid-19 Advice for Parents and Carers

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This is a time of uncertainty and a lot of children and young people will be feeling anxious and worried about what is going on. This is a normal response to the situation and below we offer some advice about what adults can do to help and support children and young people. There is a lot of information becoming available – this is great but may also be confusing, so we have pulled together some advice and some of our favourite links in to one place. We hope this will be helpful. Given that the situation is changing rapidly at the moment we will make updates from time to time which you will be able to find here:

Download the following info-sheet for more tips and ideas of how to cope during this difficult time:  Supporting Children and Young Adults with Worries About Covid-19.


PSCD Activities for Years 3 & 4

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Our College PSCD Team – Ms. Speranza Spiteri, Ms. Maria Falzon and Ms. Pauline Gingell –  have prepared the following worksheets for Years 3 – 4, which can be carried out at home during this time of school closures. Simply follow the instructions below: Continue reading

Online Reading / eBook Websites and Resources

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During this time of school closures and home learning, it is important that students still find time to schedule some reading time during the day. Here is a list of educational websites which offer free eBooks for students to explore and read. Simply click on the name of the website in bold and you will be re-directed to the respective resource: Continue reading