Resources for Student Transitions: From Primary, to Middle and to Secondary Schools

For the attention of Year 6, Year 8 and Year 11 students

As students transition from primary school to middle school, from middle school to secondary school and from secondary school to post-secondary school they are often faced with social, emotional and physiological changes that can impact on their wellbeing and learning. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ is offering three online courses that can help facilitate a smoother transition from one school to another. These courses were designed specifically to be fun and interactive while catering for the needs of these students and to provide the necessary life skills through which students can maintain their wellbeing and learning.

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eTwinning Celebration at Dingli Secondary School

Dingli Secondary school students who participated in the eTwinning project Think, Act, Inspire! were presented a token for winning the Term 2 Internet Safety Competition by eTwinning Malta as well a certificate of participation for successfully completing their 8 month long project as part of their PSCD work. 

eTwinning projects are rewarding in themselves, equipping students with 21st century skills to help students succeed in today’s world. 

This project was co-ordinated by Ms. Melanie Cini HoD PSCD, with the full support of Mr. Michael Merieca Head of School.

Brillantini tal-Qari – Reading Stars Campaign 2021

The National Literacy Agency would like to remind parents, educators and schools that the reading campaign Brillantini tal-Qari – Reading Stars promotes a love for reading, anytime and anywhere. This campaign is sponsored by Merlin Library. Its aim is to reward children and adolescents who love to read and who would like to share their love for reading. Kindly follow the newly launched Facebook page at: (@readingstarsmalta) for further information.

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Tnediet Sensiela Animata għat-Tfal Bl-Isem Ta’ Emme

L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu nediet sensiela ta’ animazzjonijiet viżivi magħmula apposta għat-tfal ċkejknin bl-isem ta’ Emme.

Kull episodju jittratta sitwazzjoni jew avventura li fiha hemm Emme bħala protagonista. Emme huwa merill li għadu żgħir ħafna. Għadu kif beda jmur l-iskola u qed jitgħallem kif iġib ruħu ma’ sħabu. Dawn huma sitwazzjonijiet li t-tfal żgħar jistgħu jirrelataw magħhom permezz ta’ dawn l-animazzjonijiet viżivi. Il-kitba hija ta’ Clare Azzopardi, id-disinji u l-animazzjoni ta’ Matthew Stroud, in-narrazzjoni ta’ Kenneth Scicluna u l-mużika ta’ Maria Mifsud. Il-produzzjoni saret għall-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu.

Għal aktar episodji dwar Emme, wieħed jista’ jżur l-istazzjon tal-YouTube L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu:

Applications Open at the Malta School of Music

The Malta School of Music has just published its Prospectus for the 2021-2022 scholastic year, and announced that applications are now open, for new students to apply between the 20th and 30th of May. The School of Music currently caters for 880 students ranging from beginners to higher diploma level. With a strong team of 85 specialised music teachers, the school offers an unrivalled opportunity for any student at any level who would like to delve into the world of music, through accredited or leisure courses.

Each year, the school opens its doors to around 200 new students who apply and are selected through an audition process that identifies musical skills and aptitude, allowing students to choose their best pathway. This year, the school is offering the option for external students to join the school’s Children Choir or Community Choir, and inviting advanced music students to audition for one of the various music ensembles.

Another great opportunity is presented through the new Diplomas in Performance, where apart from the Solo Performance, students may now choose to specialize in Chamber Music or Piano Accompaniment.

The prospectus may be downloaded through the school’s website and facebook page. Applications will be received online between the 20th and 30th of May, through the following site:

Link to Prospectus

Application for School Transport 2021/2022 Open

The Government, through the Ministry for Education and Employment currently provides Free Transportation to students in compulsory schooling and kindergarten, attending State, Church and Independent Schools. The Applications will remain open until the 15th of July 2021.

All school transport vehicles which will be used for the scheme are compliant and approved to carry school children by the National Competent Authority, Transport Malta.

Eligibility for State School Transport has been kept as in previous years as per below:

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Virtual Library of Online Reading Material in Maltese launched

The National Literacy Agency would like to inform all parents, educators, and students that on 23rd April 2021Malta Libraries, in collaboration with Octavo, launched a virtual library of online reading material in Maltese. The launch formed part of the celebrations of Malta Libraries to mark Libraries Day 2021 which coincided with World Book and Copyright Day. This year’s theme of the celebrations was ‘Technology as the key to Maltese Literature’.
This digital library service, which is accessed via the Octavo reading platform and app, is free to the public and accessible 24/7.

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Applications open for Nwar Family Literacy Programme

The National Literacy Agency would like to announce that the Nwar programme applications for next scholastic year 2021/22 are now open. There have been some modifications to the programme and the application process.

Nwar is an after-school, literacy intervention programme for students who are encountering literacy difficulties in Maltese and/or English. It supports the acquisition of phonological, alphabet, and phonic knowledge, and reading, spelling, writing and comprehension strategies. The Agency offers this programme to students who struggle in literacy. The sessions are held twice a week for a maximum of 4 Nwar semesters. Once the basic literacy level is reached, students are discontinued from the programme. The progress of the child is monitored on a regular basis. Regular attendance is required. Failure to attend regularly, with a maximum of 4 unauthorized missed sessions, will lead to the discontinuation of the service.

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Free Internet for Year 11 Students going into Post Secondary Education – Skema ta’Internet B’Xejn għal studenti li kienu fil-Year 11

The Information below is available in both English and Maltese / L-Informazzjoni dwar din l-iskema hija disponibbli kemm bil-Malti kif ukoll bl-Ingliż.

As announced in the Budget for 2021, as from this current scholastic year (2020/2021) the Ministry for Education will be assisting stipend-eligible students who opt to continue their studies immediately after finishing Year 11, thus completing their compulsory secondary education, by giving them free internet access for a whole year.

Along with other initiatives, this measure is being adopted to help and encourage more young people to continue their studies after their compulsory education.

All eligible students shall receive a Free Internet Voucher amounting to €300 that can be redeemed at one of the three internet service providers on the island EPIC Communications Ltd, Melita Ltd. and GO plc. With this Free Internet Voucher students can purchase 12 months’ worth of internet.

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Learning Together At Zabbar And Dingli Primary School

As an introduction to this year’s Book Week, Dingli and Zabbar A Primary schools organised an online story telling session.  Twin sisters, Mrs E. Galea and Mrs. P. Lombardo, the heads of the respective schools, read a story from the book  Is-Serduq tar-Razzett which was written by their late father Anthony Spiteri.  The book has been recently published by the National Literacy Agency and the story was read online to all the students of both schools.

During the powerpoint presentation, it was mentioned that even though there is the factor of distance between the two schools, this activity was still possible because it was organised online.  Both heads stressed the importance of reading daily.  They also spoke about how much they enjoyed themselves when as young girls, their father used to read to them his own stories.  While when they grew up and became mothers themselves, they used to read these stories to their own children.  Moreoever they said that they still like to read daily and also how they used to and still like to write various stories themselves.  Important information such as the author’s name, biography and blurb were also pointed out to the students.  Both sisters pointed out that there was always a lesson to be learnt from their father’s stories.