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screen-13.48.02[28.10.2020]The pandemic Covid-19 is playing havoc with our lives, not less so with our children’s schooling. On the positive side, home-learning and tele-schooling have stimulated parents and guardians to participate more closely in their children’s education. During this experience, parents have become more aware of the many issues that influence their children’s –young or teenagers- schooling.

Professor Charles Farrugia recently launched the educational blog Back to Basics. The blogs explore different aspects of teaching and learning. These blogs are directed mainly at parents/guardians but teachers and other educators may find them useful as well.

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Education – Back to Basics

Places available at FES Childcare Centres

The Foundation for Educational Services operates government-subsidised Childcare Centres all over Malta, giving greater accessibility to its clients. There are currently a limited number of places available, for which parents/guardians can register for by clicking on this link:

Choosing a FES childcare centre for your children offers the peace of mind that they are all registered with the Department of Quality Standards in Education, and follow the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities (2006). All children are offered a personalised service of quality care.

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Baħrija Primary School Awarded the Book Champion’s School Award

In spite of the scholastic year 2019/2020 was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students and educators at Baħrija Primary School participated in the Book Champions Awards initiative, organised by the National Literacy Agency. The intention of this campaign is to acknowledge and reward those schools which are making the best efforts to promote and create a holistic reading culture within their school environment.

We are pleased to announce that Baħrija ~Primary School was awarded the prestigious Gold Award! Well done to all students and educators involved!

gold award

Gardening Sessions at Mgarr Primary School

The staff at Mgarr Primary School have been preparing the garden surrounding the school for the yearly sowing of fruit and herbs activity. This year we set up fencing so that each class is aware of which patch of land belongs to them, thus keeping to social distancing rules and making sure that the students each work on their own crops.

Having fun while keeping to social distancing rules: Rabat Primary School

Just because we have to keep to social distancing rules doesn’t mean we cannot have fun! Here are our Year 1.2 students having a “movement break” in class, dancing together while keeping apart, and wearing their masks of course! Click on the link to watch the video!

Movement Break – Rabat Primary School Year 1.2

Connect to Learning: Webinar and Seminar Series for Educators


The Faculty of Education within the University of Malta is continuing the series of webinars
and seminars for educators (including teachers, LSEs, support services staff and educational leaders) which started in May 2020 and proved to be so popular during the first series. Series 2 has weekly webinars and seminars which focus on topics that educators face in their day-today realities of schools, and particularly during this time. This series of themes will also target teaching and learning, the local educational scenario and students. Continue reading

St. Nicholas College Schools receive Certificate of Compliance

All of our schools at St. Nicholas College have been found to be compliant with regards to the Advice and Guidelines issued by the Superintendent of Public Health to the Educational Sector for the re-opening of Primary and Secondary Schools in Malta.

Click on the slide-show below to view each school’s certificate.

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Mental Health Campaign 2020

Everyone feels anxious from time to time; it’s our body’s way of keeping us prepared. But it becomes a problem when worry starts to affect your day-to-day life.

If you think you’re experiencing an anxiety disorder, get in touch with us Aġenzija Żgħażagħ and we’ll help you through. There are numerous support systems available that suit your needs.

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