Connect to Learning: Webinar and Seminar Series for Educators


The Faculty of Education within the University of Malta is continuing the series of webinars
and seminars for educators (including teachers, LSEs, support services staff and educational leaders) which started in May 2020 and proved to be so popular during the first series. Series 2 has weekly webinars and seminars which focus on topics that educators face in their day-today realities of schools, and particularly during this time. This series of themes will also target teaching and learning, the local educational scenario and students.The aim of this series is to  provide Continuing Professional Development for educators. Through the ‘Connect to Learning’ series, support will be provided to educators to equip them with ideas and skills that may enhance their current practices, while also building a community for professional collaboration and support.

Those educators who choose to register for at least two sessions and participate actively will receive a Certificate of Participation issued by the Faculty of Education at the end of this series. Participants may choose to register for as many webinars and seminars as they wish. All webinars and seminars will be delivered online and are free of charge.

Webinars are 60 minutes long and require participants to register, listen and participate. During webinars participants can communicate via chat and ask questions to the speakers via a Q&A facility. The purpose of these webinars is to allow the guest speakers to present a theme and explore it in depth. Seminars are 90 minutes long and require participants to register and to interact actively in the session. The purpose of the seminars is to engage participants in more active input with opportunities to work in small groups. Breakout rooms will be used so that participants can meet other educators, share their experiences and discuss opinions about the issues discussed.

The working language of all sessions will be in Maltese and a number of resources used during the sessions may be shared with the registered participants after the session. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded recordings can be viewed at the Faculty’s Outreach website ( Through the website, one can also view details and register for the upcoming webinars and seminars.

The second series of webinars and seminars will be launched on October 13th and will take
place every Tuesday between 17.00 and 18.00 or 17.00 and 18.30 until December.

For more information please contact:
Dr James Calleja:
Dr Michelle Attard Tonna