EMBED Awards 2020/21

With the schools’ closure because of the extraordinary Covid-19 circumstances during this scholastic year, digital education has been taken to a new unprecedented level as many educators have found technologies helpful. Embed Awards aims to celebrate this wonderful work. Initiatives are to be submitted using the online form: http://bit.do/embed2021. This year, all submissions are going to be showcased on our website; plus all winner submissions will be showcased during the event. Further to this a digital certificate of participation is going to be immediately sent to all participants.

Mġarr Primary School Publishes annual online school magazine

SNC Mgarr Primary School has just published its Annual School Magazine. The magazine includes a host of information about the school’s activities, which were carried out with great determination in spite of the difficulties linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Achievements during this scholastic year include the Matematikka Award, Book Champions Award, EMBED Award, and of course, the construction of our Outdoor Classroom and Green Wall. Well done to all the work done by the staff, parents and students! Special thanks goes to Ms. Maria Borg Vella for the compilation of the articles.

Click on the following link to view our online magazine!

Mgarr Primary Online Magazine

Young Reporters for the Environment – Ħad-Dingli Primary and Secondary Schools amongst the finalists

St. Nicholas College is pleased to announce that two of our schools – Ħad-Dingli Primary and Secondary Schools respectively – have been shortlisted for the Young Reporters for the Environment competition. The international jury will now be held in September – but in the meantime  we need to share and “enjoy” the Maltese ones to get more points for the final.

Simply click on the “Enjoy” button on the upper right corner and share it with your friends. You have five votes at most for each entry! Enjoy the beautiful works, find your favourite, and help them to highlight their amazing work!

#VoteMalta #YRE

The Bottled Fish Malta by YRE Competition – Exposure

My Mask – I Care!: Malta by YRE Competition – Exposure

Green Infrastructure at SNC Mgarr Primary School

Mgarr Primary School has just installed a “living wall”. This includes a timed irrigation system and the school also managed to secure four months free maintenance from supplier – until the plants are flourishing and well established. Staff worked on this project with the gardening section at MFED in order to get the best results possible. This will ensure that project is maintained and well taken care of. Students can experience interactive learning through plant design, fabrication and gain exposure to nature. This encourages environmental perspectives at the school. Stress levels often run high in schools and living walls naturally act as a catalyst to reduce this. Studies show that greenery improves the overall educational experience for children and teachers alike. Living walls also allow students to better understand nature’s role in STEAM fields, all in one place. This is another project funded by GAL Majjistral.

Mgarr Primary School completes the Outdoor Classroom Project

St. Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School has just inaugurated their own outdoor classroom on the school grounds. The space is being used by all the students from Kinder to Year 6. Outdoor learning provides positive physical and mental health benefits to our learners. Studies show that outdoor learning produces significant improvements in children’s mood and well-being. This project is going to be funded from funds acquired from Gal Majjistral.

Erasmus+ Project at SNC Rabat Primary School – Numeracy and Literacy Through Coding and Robotics

An Erasmus+ Project focusing on the teaching of Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics. 

The objectives of this project were to: 

1) Provide training to at least 40 teachers about Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics 

2) Enable at least 40 teachers to expand their expertise on the teaching of numeracy and literacy through Coding and Robotics through exchange of good practices 

3) Establish a good relationship between the 4 participating schools 

The planned activities took over two years to be implemented which included a Kick-Off Management Meeting in Malta, school visits in Malta and Portugal and two virtual mobilities in Slovenia and Italy. A structured training course for staff was held in Italy (Milan). There were also dissemination activities by each participating school in their own country. 

The concrete results of this project include: 

Over 40 teachers who received training on the teaching of Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics; 

Over 40 teachers became more knowledgeable about the best way to teach Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics via the exchange of good practices with other European teachers; 

European schools undertook mutual capacity-building activities. 

Participating teachers were given the necessary training, used online resources and other Coding equipment with their learners and shared their new found knowledge with their colleagues. Resources used are available for all the participating countries on the eTwinning Platform.  

This eWorkbook is a further dissemination tool that can be viewed by all the school partners and also by schools in other countries. It is a good way to show our good practices and the success of our project. Click on the link below to read the book onine:

Book Creator – Numeracy and Literacy through Coding and Robotics

L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika – Online Project by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Following on the success of the Christmas Project Għanjiet tal-Milied, the MPO is introducing a new educational project entitled L-Investigaturi tal-Mużika, presented in collaboration with the Ministry for Education.  The initiative aims to inspire young audiences whilst underlying the pivotal role of arts for the development of our society while seeking to bolster the local educational infrastructure, most particularly by utilizing the Maltese language (with English subtitles) and create a legacy of resources to be enjoyed by school intakes in the coming years.

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L-Iskola Primarja tar-Rabat tippublika it-tieni edizzjoni tal-magażin onlajn Tbissima

L-Iskola Primarja tar-Rabat, fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Nikola, ippublikaw it-tiena ħarġa tal-magażin onlajn, ‘Tbissima’. Tistaw issibu informazzjoni dwar ix-xogħol tal-istudenti matul din is-sena – Il-Covid ma waqqafx il-ħidma tal-edukaturi dedikati f’din l-iskola! Fost oħrajn hemm ukoll deskrizzjoni tal-attivitajiet relatati mal-Progett tal-Erasmus, ‘Teaching Literacy and Numeracy Through Coding and Robotics’; kif ukoll informazzjoni dwar l-attivitajiet li saru matul is-sena, mill-Kindergarten sas-6 sena. Ringrazzjament speċjali imur għal Ms. Muscat u Ms. Zammit, assistenti kapijiet, li kienu involuti direttament fil-produzzjoni ta’din il-magażin. Proset kbira lill-edukaturi u lill-istudenti tax-xogħol siewi li għamlu tul din is-sena!

Ikklikja fuq dan il-link sabiex tara il-magażin onlajn – Tbissima Numru 2