Young Reporters for the Environment – Ħad-Dingli Primary and Secondary Schools amongst the finalists

St. Nicholas College is pleased to announce that two of our schools – Ħad-Dingli Primary and Secondary Schools respectively – have been shortlisted for the Young Reporters for the Environment competition. The international jury will now be held in September – but in the meantime  we need to share and “enjoy” the Maltese ones to get more points for the final.

Simply click on the “Enjoy” button on the upper right corner and share it with your friends. You have five votes at most for each entry! Enjoy the beautiful works, find your favourite, and help them to highlight their amazing work!

#VoteMalta #YRE

The Bottled Fish Malta by YRE Competition – Exposure

My Mask – I Care!: Malta by YRE Competition – Exposure

My Mask – I Care Campaign at St Nicholas Secondary School Ħad-Dingli

Covid 19 – Lockdowns, air, land and sea traffic came almost to a halt, the cities went silent. The world went silent. What was the effect of this sudden change on the environment?

Students at Saint Nicholas College Secondary School Ħad-Dingli have been investigating the effect of Covid-19 on the environment. Lockdowns and teleworking may be having some positive impacts on our environment. Between 1st January and 2nd March of 2020, the European Space Agency observed a marked decline in nitrous oxide emissions from cars, powerplants and factories in the Po Valley in northern Italy. Areas in the North of India such as Jalandhar and the Himalayas became visible again for the first time in decades as air quality improved. Rivers around the world, including the Ganges in India, became cleaner during the first lockdown period in 2020.

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