A Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms

The consultation document A Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms (Glossarju Bilingwi ta’ Termini tal-Matematika) which was published by the National Literacy Agency within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, provides words and expressions that can be used as part of bilingual communication of Mathematics at the Early and Junior Years of education (ages 3 – 11 years). The resource has been developed keeping in mind already existing classroom practices and provides a bank of words and expressions in English and Maltese.

The glossary was compiled by Prof. Marie Therese Farrugia (Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malta), Mr David Muscat and Dr Lara Ann Vella (National Literacy Agency) and Ms Melanie Casha Sammut (Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes, MEYR). The document can be accessed here:

Termini tal-Matematika

The consultation process has been extended to the 18th of November 2022. Feedback can be sent using this form:

Feedback Form

Fondazzjoni Sagħtar bi ktieb ġdid tal-komiks

Bi pjaċir inħabbru pubblikazzjoni ġdida! “L-Għalliema u l-Istudenti tal-Kulleġġ San Xi Ħadd” hu ktieb tal-komiks miktub u mpenġi minn Dean Fenech. L-iskola tista’ tkun post ta’ tagħlim, xogħol iebes u dixxiplina, iżda tista’ tkun ukoll post ta’ divertiment u ħafna daħk… mhux biss għall-istudenti iżda wkoll għall-għalliema. U hekk ħa ssibu fil-Kulleġġ San Xi Ħadd.

Il-komik ser ikun għall-bejgħ għall-ewwel darba mill-istand ta’ Fondazzjoni Sagħtar fil-Malta Comic Con bejn id-29 u t-30 ta’ Ottubru 2022. Il-komik jinxtara wkoll mis-sit tal-Fondazzjoni: saghtar.org.mt/hanut.

Colour today with a book! Save the date and visit the Malta Book Festival 2022

Illustrated by Gattaldo and animated by Turi Animation Studio, the 2022 Malta Book Festival artwork brings to life Arnold, whose encounter with a book gives him a new perspective and persuade him to lose himself in the stories within the book.

In the video animation, in order to strike a balance between staying as close as possible to the artistic vision of Gattaldo whilst coming up with movements to make the character come to life, the frame-by-frame hand-drawn animation method was used. The illustrations created by Gattaldo were used as main references, and new poses were recreated to create a sense of motion. The video animation was produced by Chris Spiteri, a 28-year-old animator and artist from Malta working at Turi Animation Studio. Currently, Chris is working together with Turi to bring Id-Denfil back to life.

Read more: https://ktieb.org.mt/news/colour-today-with-a-book-save-the-date-and-visit-the-malta-book-festival-2022/

Course on Maltese Spelling Rules for Students sitting for Maltese SEC Exams

The National Literacy Agency, within the Ministry for Education, invites students sitting for the Maltese SEC exam in 2023 to attend a short course in Maltese on Maltese spelling rules. This course is aimed at those students and their parents/guardians who would like to keep up to date with Maltese spelling and grammar rules. The course will be held online via Microsoft Teams and at the National Curriculum Centre, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Ħamrun. The course will be delivered by Mr Karl Scicluna and consists of 9 sessions lasting one hour each. It will be held every Monday from 3.45pm to 4.45pm online or 5pm to 6pm at NCC on the following dates:

The course is free. Students who attend all nine sessions will be given a certificate of attendance by the National Literacy Agency. We encourage students attending the course to send an e-mail to diana.borg.3@ilearn.edu.mt with any spelling difficulties they encounter during their studies. Students who would like to attend this course have to fill in the application form using this Microsoft Forms link: https://forms.office.com/r/ADWKRWe1h8. Please fill in the form by no later than Friday 28th October 2022.

Applicants have to indicate their preferred time slot for the 9 sessions. For further information please call on 2598 3326.

I.S.S.A. –Insaħħu l-iSkola bi Studenti Attivi

Id-Dipartiment tal-iStudji Soċjali fi ħdan id-Direttorat għall-Programmi ta’ Tagħlim u Assessjar qed jerġa’ jikkollabora ma’ Aġenzija Żgħażagħ biex jorganizza sessjonijiet għall-istudenti tal-iskejjel medji u sekondarji. It-tema ta’ din s-sena hija ‘Ċittadinanza Attiva’ u s-suġġetti magħżula jagħmlu parti mis-sillabu tal-iStudji Soċjali u l-iStudji Ewropej.

It-8 Sena: Demokrazija I.S.S.A.
Id-9 Sena: Nikkontribwixxi I.S.S.A.
L-10 Sena: Kif Naħsibha I.S.S.A.
Il-11-il Sena: Nivvota I.S.S.A.

Dawn is-sessjonijiet se jibdew f’Novembru 2022 u tingħata preferenza lil min jibbukkja kmieni. L-iskejjel għandhom jappuntaw persuna (jinkludu d-dettalji fl-applikazzjoni) ħalli l-Aġenzija Żgħażagħ tikkomunika mal-persuna indikata biex isiru l-arranġamenti meħtieġa. Il-bookings jistgħu isiru fuq din il-link – I.S.S.A – Insaħħu l-iskola bi studenti attivi (office.com) L-Aġenzija Żgħażagħ se tikkuntattja lill-persuna indikata tlett ijiem qabel il-booking biex jiġu kkonfermati l-arranġamenti meħtieġa. Wieħed jista’ jsib iktar informazzjoni fil-fuljett minn din ilħolqa https://fliphtml5.com/rqmms/ihqp.

Symbol Literacy Project – Resources for Saint Nicholas Day

December 6th marks the feast of St. Nicholas, who lived between the years 270 and 346. In the Catholic tradition, St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children. Due to the passing down of various stories related to this saint over the last millennium, many European countries have developed the tradition of giving gifts to children. This has led to the telling of various stories and the creation of various symbols, many of which aim to foster a sense of solidarity and encourage good behaviour in children. In the last two centuries, the secular image of Father Christmas that has come to be associated with St. Nicholas has grown in the United States. This character, who we hear so much about from the Media, has unfortunately become synonymous with materialism and consumerism.

In order to restore values as well as build children’s cultural capital, the Symbol Literacy Project, in collaboration with the National Literacy Agency and the University of Malta, is promoting a set of activities towards the celebration of St. Nicholas Day in primary schools. These activities aim to promote: (i) the discovery of the true identity of Father Christmas; (ii) the true value of gifts; (iii) the value of solidarity; (iv) the process of growing children’s cultural capital, which can help with the development of thought, vocabulary, and expression. To this end, we developed and organized educational resources l that you can use and adapt to the children in your class in a Google Drive Folder. In this folder you will find: (i) activity cards suitable for each primary year; (ii) stories in both Maltese and English; (iii) images for posters; (iv) PowerPoint presentation of Christmas stories and songs; (v) craft ideas; (vi) video clips. Much of this material has been adapted from the website http://www.stnicholascenter.org. Should you wish to have access to this material, schools should send an email to nicolina.borg@ilearn.edu.mt.

Fun Fit Football Sessions

During this scholastic year all learners in the primary schools will be benefiting with more physical activity sessions through the Fun Fit Football Sessions (FFF), similar to the FFF programmes held during the last scholastic year. These sessions, in collaboration with the Malta Football Association, will be focusing on the need for more physical activity amongst our school learners, whilst facilitating the pathway from school to community to foster continued involvement in football and sport.

The Fun Fit Football sessions will have special focus on the development of motor skills and not only football-specific technical skills, and which will be inclusive to all school learners, boys and girls, with the participation of both class teachers and LSEs. Considering that the FFF sessions are extra/supplementary sessions, it is important that the FFF sessions shall not interrupt, disrupt or replace PE lessons. This will ensure that the PE lessons are delivered according to the timetable. In few weeks’ time schools will be informed of their schedule and their assigned Football Region Coordinator and football coaches. Any queries can be put forward to Mr. Marvin Spiteri via email at marvin.spiteri@ilearn.edu.mt.

Online Meeting by the Malta Dyslexia Association

The Malta Dyslexia Association, by request, organizing a repeat of the January 2022 online meeting for parents, educators, students and the general public on Handwriting: Development and Strategies. The session will be held on Friday, 28thOctober 2022 at 18:00 hours. The meeting will be facilitated by Ms Maria Mizzi, occupational therapist and can be accessed through the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89797511990. For more information, please contact MDA on 99498841 or send an email to secretarymdamalta@gmail.com.

Attivita’ waqt il-European Sports Week fl-iskola Primarja ta’ Ħad-Dingli

NHAR IL-ĠIMGĦA 14 T’OTTUBRU is-Sur Jamie Muscat, għalliem tal-edukazzjoni fiżika, mexxa żewġ sessjonijiet ta’ logħob organizzat fuq it-turf fl-okkażjoni tal-European Sports Week. Iż-żewġ gruppi kienu magħmula mit-tfal tal-ewwel snin tal-primarja u mit-tfal tal-aħħar snin tal-primarja. Dawn ħadu gost jilagħbu diversi logħbiet ippreparati għalihom fi stazzjonijiet differenti taħt il-gwida tas-Sur Jamie u l-għalliema tagħhom. L-entużjażmu tagħhom kien jixhed l-impenn li wrew dawn it-tfal u anke l-gost li ħadu b’din l-esperjenza.

Fl-iskola Primarja ta’ Ħad-Dingli qed nippromwovu l-eżerċizzju fiżiku billi t-tfal mhux biss ikollhom lezzjonijiet ta’ edukazzjoni fiżika mill-għalliem speċjalizzat, iżda anke lezzjonijiet oħra fl-apert flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom li jsiru fuq bażi regolari – kemm jista’ jkun kuljum. Dan minbarra ż-żewġ brejks li fihom it-tfal ikollhom aċċess għal waħda mill-erba’ btieħi tal-iskola tagħna.

Online Accredited Awards commencing December 2022 – September 2023

The Institute for Education is reminding interested applicants that applications are currently being accepted online for the below Awards commencing between December 2022 and September 2023. Synchronous (live) sessions delivered through the Institute’s portal are held between 15:30-18:15 unless otherwise specified.

Awards are short accredited courses varying from 1 ECTS to 10 ECTS at MQF Levels 5-7. They offer innovative learning experiences and are the perfect opportunity for educators to develop their knowledge and competences in self-sought areas. Each ECTS achieved is worth twenty-five (25) hours of total learning in the Accelerated Progression Scheme. A complete list of awards can be viewed on the IfE Portal. Certificates for awards will be provided digitally through the Blockerts app.

To access the list of courses, as well as information about costs, kindly click on the following link:

Online Accredited Awards commencing December 2022 – September 2023