Fun Fit Football Sessions

During this scholastic year all learners in the primary schools will be benefiting with more physical activity sessions through the Fun Fit Football Sessions (FFF), similar to the FFF programmes held during the last scholastic year. These sessions, in collaboration with the Malta Football Association, will be focusing on the need for more physical activity amongst our school learners, whilst facilitating the pathway from school to community to foster continued involvement in football and sport.

The Fun Fit Football sessions will have special focus on the development of motor skills and not only football-specific technical skills, and which will be inclusive to all school learners, boys and girls, with the participation of both class teachers and LSEs. Considering that the FFF sessions are extra/supplementary sessions, it is important that the FFF sessions shall not interrupt, disrupt or replace PE lessons. This will ensure that the PE lessons are delivered according to the timetable. In few weeks’ time schools will be informed of their schedule and their assigned Football Region Coordinator and football coaches. Any queries can be put forward to Mr. Marvin Spiteri via email at