Nature’s Magic – Activity for Year 1 students at Baħrija Primary School

Year 1 students at Baħrija Primary School eagerly participated in a DINJA WAĦDA ACTIVITY called Nature’s Magic. They learnt all about soil formation and the different requirements needed for plants to grow. It was such a fun activity from which the children learnt and appreciated the beauty of nature even more.

My Mask – I Care Challenge!

In order to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have found ourselves wearing face masks all the time, even if we are, say, alone in the country side. Some people opt to buy disposable face masks, which in turn, can cause problems of their own. On an average day, one may go through 1-3 face masks, thus causing quite a lot of litter! And the worst thing is that some of these masks are ending up improperly discarded and littering our towns and countryside.

To raise awareness about the issue, Dingli Secondary School have issued a Facebook Challenge, in a bid to promote the use of re-usable cloth masks. Just take a picture of yourself wearing a cloth mask, and upload it on Dingli Secondary School’s Facebook Page. (If you’re shy or don’t want to appear on Facebook, just take a pic of your mask). Finally, don’t forget to share the competition post on your Facebook Profile too! (If you’re too young to have a Facebook profile, you can ask your parents or siblings to post the picture and share the post on their own profile).

This competition is open to all College students and staff, Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools.

By participating in this Challenge, you can also win a 10 Euro Voucher from A to Z electronics!

Visit the My Mask – I Care Challenge on Facebook by clicking on this link:

The competion is part of Trash Hack (joint venture Ekoskola/Unesco) and Young reporters for the Environment.

Career Learning and Development: A Framework for Schools

The Career Guidance Section within the National School Support Services and the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes have worked together to develop the framework Career Learning and Development: A Frameworks for Schools. This will serve as a tool for guidance teachers, career advisors, Personal, Social and Career Development teachers and others involved in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of career education and career guidance in our schools. 

The framework has been published with the support of European funds administered by Euroguidance Malta Centre and can be accessed on

Explore More – Website for Year 8 Students who are currently using choosing their Subject Options

To support Year 8 students with their choice of option subjects, the National School Support Services in collaboration with PRISMS, a non-governmental organisation have together worked on the development and updating of the Explore More – My Journey Portal.  Year 8 students and their parents/guardians can acquire information on the option subjects on offer and the different career paths and post-secondary courses that these subjects can lead to.  The information is presented in an interactive way with short videos outlining all subject options on offer, videos with first-hand testimony from the people who work in the industry and a short quiz which helps students identify the work sector/subjects of their interest. The website in in both Maltese and English.  It can be accessed on:

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.10.34

New Platform for eTwinning & School Education Gateway

eTwinning & School Education Gateway join forces with a new vision. We are creating a platform that will connect everyone interested in school education and we want your opinion! Take the survey to help us identify topics, services and tools you find important.

Link to survey:

The survey will run until Sunday 21st February.

Celebrating Carnival with a Difference – Rabat Primary School

Although this year the external Carnival Celebrations had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, students and educators at Rabat Primary School still managed to create a fun atmosphere a school – in a safe, and socially distant way! Ms. Christine and Ms. Marica held a special virtual assembly for all the school, ensuring that all students were involved thanks to live Teams connection. The students presented an interesting video on Carnival traditions, including food prepared during this time, as well as traditional games and songs. Well done Ms Christine and Ms Marica for this assembly and also for walking the extra mile to ensure that all students are included.

You can watch the full assembly by clicking on this link: Special Assembly Rabat Primary School.

Here are some pictures of the activity as well:

Safer Internet Day Activities at Rabat Primary School

Students and Educators at St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary School, prepared a series of activities to celebrate Internet Safety Day. These included:

  • KG 2.3 Students listened to the story, ‘Ir-Rigal’. They noted how they could not access the teachers’ computer without a password; thus learning about the importance of not disclosing their own passwords to others. They also learned about other personal information that they should not be disclosing online to others, such as their addresses. Finally, they were reminded that as young children they always need to have an adult with them (such as their parents) when accessing the internet.
  • Year 4.2 Students designed their own ‘Internet Safety’ Posters.
  • Year 4.1 Students discussed eSafety rules and produced their own bookmarks to remind themselves of how they can stay safe online. They also learned to identify unsafe situations and to speak up if something happens that concerns or upsets them.
  • Year 3.3 Students watched a PowerPoint presentation and saw some bookmarks that helped them understand how to keep themselves safe when using the Internet. The students also enjoyed doing the puzzle about Internet Safety.
  • Ms. Christine Vassallo, Nurture Class Teacher, also organised an eSafety Online Session for the whole school.

Click on the video below to watch some of our activities !

Posters By Dingli Secondary School Students To Celebrate Safer Internet Day

As part of the Safer Internet Day Activities held in school during PSCD Lessons, Ms Melanie Cini and her students of St. Nicholas College, Secondary School, Dingli,  teamed up with their European Twinning partners  of  the eTwinning project Think, Act, Inspire! to  work on various topics within the PSCD Curriculum.  These past few weeks, students worked on various aspects of internet safety in class, online and on Twinspace. In  mixed national teams, students created tips and slogans which were then transformed into posters available to be printed and shared in schools.

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