Brillantini tal-Qari – Reading Stars Campaign 2021

The National Literacy Agency would like to remind parents, educators and schools that the reading campaign Brillantini tal-Qari – Reading Stars promotes a love for reading, anytime and anywhere. This campaign is sponsored by Merlin Library. Its aim is to reward children and adolescents who love to read and who would like to share their love for reading. Kindly follow the newly launched Facebook page at: (@readingstarsmalta) for further information.

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Tnediet Sensiela Animata għat-Tfal Bl-Isem Ta’ Emme

L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu nediet sensiela ta’ animazzjonijiet viżivi magħmula apposta għat-tfal ċkejknin bl-isem ta’ Emme.

Kull episodju jittratta sitwazzjoni jew avventura li fiha hemm Emme bħala protagonista. Emme huwa merill li għadu żgħir ħafna. Għadu kif beda jmur l-iskola u qed jitgħallem kif iġib ruħu ma’ sħabu. Dawn huma sitwazzjonijiet li t-tfal żgħar jistgħu jirrelataw magħhom permezz ta’ dawn l-animazzjonijiet viżivi. Il-kitba hija ta’ Clare Azzopardi, id-disinji u l-animazzjoni ta’ Matthew Stroud, in-narrazzjoni ta’ Kenneth Scicluna u l-mużika ta’ Maria Mifsud. Il-produzzjoni saret għall-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu.

Għal aktar episodji dwar Emme, wieħed jista’ jżur l-istazzjon tal-YouTube L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu:

Applications open for Nwar Family Literacy Programme

The National Literacy Agency would like to announce that the Nwar programme applications for next scholastic year 2021/22 are now open. There have been some modifications to the programme and the application process.

Nwar is an after-school, literacy intervention programme for students who are encountering literacy difficulties in Maltese and/or English. It supports the acquisition of phonological, alphabet, and phonic knowledge, and reading, spelling, writing and comprehension strategies. The Agency offers this programme to students who struggle in literacy. The sessions are held twice a week for a maximum of 4 Nwar semesters. Once the basic literacy level is reached, students are discontinued from the programme. The progress of the child is monitored on a regular basis. Regular attendance is required. Failure to attend regularly, with a maximum of 4 unauthorized missed sessions, will lead to the discontinuation of the service.

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Virtual Video Library – Let’s Read Together

The virtual video library of the ‘Let’s Read Together/Naqraw Flimkien’ programme of the National Literacy Agency offers a range of recorded Reading for Pleasure sessions for children aged 0 to 11 years. These sessions were produced in English and Maltese by the reading animators of the Agency. The virtual library of the Agency is accessible to all educators and parents. Applicants may borrow up to two recorded sessions, one in Maltese and another one in English, everyday. These clips, which will be provided free of charge, will be time-barred for a limited period of circa 3 hours. Parents may choose the clips from the catalogues at:

To borrow a video clip kindly send an email to and please provide the following information:
• Title of video clip
• Age of child (0-3, 3-7 or 7-11)
• Date and Time for viewing
(Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m, 12:30 a.m, 4:00 p.m or 7:00 p.m, Saturday 9:00 a.m or 12:00 p.m).

A link and password will be provided through email by Mr. Kurt Azzopardi tel. no. 2598 2997.

Qari għal Qalbi – Digital Library of Books in Maltese

The National Literacy Agency would like to inform educators and parents that the Maltese reading scheme ‘Qari għal Qalbi’, which was launched in November 2020, offers a digital l ibrary of books in Maltese. Primary school pupils and educators may access 260 digital books in Maltese from the website

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Raddiena Kliem – Spelling Game

In May the National Literacy Agency will be organising again the online spelling game in Maltese for primary school pupils called Raddiena Kliem. This activity aims at encouraging and helping our pupils spell better in Maltese. Due to the present situation and the health measures adopted in schools, this activity will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams. The game is intended for Year 5 and Year 6 classes. The game will be held during Maltese
and will last about an hour.

The Agency hereby invites Heads of Primary Schools to encourage their teachers to participate in this activity together with their students. Preference will be given to schools that have not already participated. Primary Schools that are interested in participating in Raddiena Kliem are kindly asked to send an email to Ms. Nicolette Borg on or else call her on 25983312.

Online Family Writing Activity about the Inquisitor’s Palace

Prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Literacy Agency organised several free of charge Family Writing Activities, in Maltese and English, for children and their families in various localities around Malta and Gozo. These activities offered families a positive experience of the writing process in a fun and relaxed setting. In the present circumstances the National Literacy Agency, in collaboration with Heritage Malta, is organising an Online Family Writing Activity in Maltese about the Inquisitor’s Palace in Vittoriosa, as follows:

Families who wish to participate in this activity are asked to fill in an online form by clicking HERE by not later than Friday 23rd April 2021. Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis. For more information about this activity, kindly contact us on number 2598 3324 or by email to

Online course in the Teaching of Writing Skills for parents/guardians

The National Literacy Agency is organising again the online training course in the Teaching of Writing Skills called “Writing Unites Us! / Il-Kitba Tgħaqqadna!”. This training course is aimed at parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about writing strategies that may be utilised with their children at home. This online training course will be uploaded weekly on the Malta Writing Programme Facebook Page as from Wednesday 24th March 2021 till Wednesday 5th May 2021. The following is the schedule of the sessions:

Following this online training, journal writing prompts will published on the same page. More information will be given in due course. Parents/Guardians who wish to follow this online training can view the material uploaded on the Malta Writing Programme Facebook Page anytime of the day. For more information, please contact Ms. Erika Borg Medati (Senior Manager) on or by calling 2598 3324.

Reading Out Aloud – Luca Vella from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Luca Vella of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Late for Football’ (PM Collection – Story by Jenny Giles; Illustrations by Scott Fraser), to Mr. David Muscat (CEO National Literacy Agency).

Luca read the story with fluency and engagement. During the discussion with Mr. Muscat, Luca talked about what he enjoys doing during his free time. Although Luca does not play football, he chose to read a book about a boy who could not find his football things and needed his mum’s help to make it on time.

Well done Luca !

Reading Out Aloud – Nathan Micallef from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Nathan Micallef of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Magpie’s Baking Day’ (PM Collection – Retold by Beverley Randell; Illustrations by Melissa Webb) to Ms. Tania Ristovic, Assistant Head of School and Literacy Link Person at Rabat Primary School, Malta.

Nathan told us how he chose to read this book because in it there are two things he likes a lot: food and animals. He told us how only one animal, the mouse, did not help Magpie to make the bread and that since Mouse did not help, he did not get anything. Ms. Ristovic was impressed with Nathan’s conversation in English saying that he made giant leaps in expressing himself. Nathan was also seen enjoying and interacting with the story and with his audience.

Well done Nathan !