Gardening Sessions at Mgarr Primary School

The staff at Mgarr Primary School have been preparing the garden surrounding the school for the yearly sowing of fruit and herbs activity. This year we set up fencing so that each class is aware of which patch of land belongs to them, thus keeping to social distancing rules and making sure that the students each work on their own crops.

St. Nicholas College Schools receive Certificate of Compliance

All of our schools at St. Nicholas College have been found to be compliant with regards to the Advice and Guidelines issued by the Superintendent of Public Health to the Educational Sector for the re-opening of Primary and Secondary Schools in Malta.

Click on the slide-show below to view each school’s certificate.

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Refresher Session on MS Teams for Middle and Secondary School Educators

Following a number of sessions for Middle and Secondary schools related to MS Teams, the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills would like to organize a refresher course for educators in Middle and Secondary Schools next Monday 5th October 10am – 12pm. This session is going to cover these topics:

Assigning homework using the assignment feature

Sharing Files

Creation of Standard and Private Channels

Assigning homework using the Assessment Feature

Using Class Notebook

Educators may register by clicking:

Participation is on a voluntary basis.

Wristbands to help identify student ‘bubbles’ in Primary Schools

One of the measures which is being introduced in schools to curb the spread of Covid-19 is to assign students and educators to different ‘bubbles’ in order to limit interaction with students of different classrooms. To help students identify the different ‘bubbles’, even when outside of the classroom, the Ministry for Education will be distributing different coloured wristbands for students to wear and be able to easily identify the members of the same ‘bubble’.


Appeal for Cooperation to ensure the Safe re-opening of Schools

The Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Education and Employment, Dr. Francis Fabri, has appealed for cooperation from all stakeholders as to ensure the safe re-opening of school. Measures highlighted include:

  • The importance for students to stay at home if they are feeling unwell;
  • Students who feel unwell must be picked up from school in a timely manner;
  • Students adhere to the safety protocols by wearing their mask, respect social distancing rules, wash and sanitize hands frequently, and be aware of their learning ‘bubbles’
  • Educators are to encourage students to adhere to these safety measures whilst respecting the protocols themselves.

Click on the link below for more information (Video is in Maltese, subtitled in English):

ONLINE Video Message from the Permanent Secretary of Education


50 Measures for the Safe Opening of Primary Schools

The Ministry for Education has taken 50 new measures to ensure that the both students and educators return to schools in the safest possible way. An independent risk assessment of each school is underway to ensure that all protocols are being adhered to.

Click on the following link to watch a short video about the measures being taken:

Miżuri għall-ftuħ tal-Iskejjel

50 measures

Back to School 2020/2021: Safety Protocols

Educators and students will be screened prior to entering the school premises every day. Visors or masks must be worn by those entering the school, and temperatures will be taken daily. Students and educators will also be asked to sanitise their hands with alcohol gel which will be available at the entrance of the school. Click on the link below to watch the the explanatory video (in both Maltese and English) :

Video: Safety Protocols