Rabat Primary School Students Design Healthy Eating Leaflets

The Year 4.1 students of St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary School, learned about the importance of taking care of their health by eating a sensible and healthy diet. After the lesson, they each designed their own Healthy Eating leaflets, with various logos to accompany them, such as: ‘Be Smart, Eat Smart‘; ‘Eat Well, Feel Good’, ‘Eat Right, be Bright’; ‘Be Smart and Eat Smart‘; and ‘An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away‘.

Watch our young students at work by watching the video below:

Having fun while keeping to social distancing rules: Rabat Primary School

Just because we have to keep to social distancing rules doesn’t mean we cannot have fun! Here are our Year 1.2 students having a “movement break” in class, dancing together while keeping apart, and wearing their masks of course! Click on the link to watch the video!

Movement Break – Rabat Primary School Year 1.2

Road Works in Rabat – G. Borg Oliver Street

Parents and Guardians whose children attend Rabat and Dingli schools (both Primary, Middle and Secondary), kindly note that road works are now in progress at George Borg Oliver Street in Rabat. Works commenced on the 21st January (at St. Domenic Church side). For those students making use of public transport (Tal-Linja) in order to attend/return home from school, kindly note changes in Public Transport Bus Journeys for routes 51, 52, 53, 56, 181 and 201. 

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More information can be obtained from Dingli Local Council Facebook Page.

Rabat Primary School

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Rabat Primary School is housed in two separate buildings, an old building in College Street and a more recent building in Ferris Street. The Junior School, which caters for children whose ages range between 2 years 9 months and 5 years, attending two kindergarten years and one early primary year, is situated in College Street. The old building which houses this section is in fact the first school built in Rabat. The first children attended this school during scholastic year 1896/1897. The second building in Ferris street, was built much later, in fact it dates back only to the nineteen seventies.  This houses students attending Years 2 – 6.

Head of School: Ms. Antonella Ferrante

Assistant Heads of School: Ms. Stephanie Zammit, Ms. Charlene Mifsud, Ms. Maria Muscat, Ms. Tania Ristovic.

School Website: https://snc.rabat.skola.edu.mt/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/RabatPrimarySchool/