Erasmus+ Project at SNC Rabat Primary School – Numeracy and Literacy Through Coding and Robotics

An Erasmus+ Project focusing on the teaching of Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics. 

The objectives of this project were to: 

1) Provide training to at least 40 teachers about Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics 

2) Enable at least 40 teachers to expand their expertise on the teaching of numeracy and literacy through Coding and Robotics through exchange of good practices 

3) Establish a good relationship between the 4 participating schools 

The planned activities took over two years to be implemented which included a Kick-Off Management Meeting in Malta, school visits in Malta and Portugal and two virtual mobilities in Slovenia and Italy. A structured training course for staff was held in Italy (Milan). There were also dissemination activities by each participating school in their own country. 

The concrete results of this project include: 

Over 40 teachers who received training on the teaching of Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics; 

Over 40 teachers became more knowledgeable about the best way to teach Numeracy and Literacy skills through Coding and Robotics via the exchange of good practices with other European teachers; 

European schools undertook mutual capacity-building activities. 

Participating teachers were given the necessary training, used online resources and other Coding equipment with their learners and shared their new found knowledge with their colleagues. Resources used are available for all the participating countries on the eTwinning Platform.  

This eWorkbook is a further dissemination tool that can be viewed by all the school partners and also by schools in other countries. It is a good way to show our good practices and the success of our project. Click on the link below to read the book onine:

Book Creator – Numeracy and Literacy through Coding and Robotics

L-Iskola Primarja tar-Rabat tippublika it-tieni edizzjoni tal-magażin onlajn Tbissima

L-Iskola Primarja tar-Rabat, fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Nikola, ippublikaw it-tiena ħarġa tal-magażin onlajn, ‘Tbissima’. Tistaw issibu informazzjoni dwar ix-xogħol tal-istudenti matul din is-sena – Il-Covid ma waqqafx il-ħidma tal-edukaturi dedikati f’din l-iskola! Fost oħrajn hemm ukoll deskrizzjoni tal-attivitajiet relatati mal-Progett tal-Erasmus, ‘Teaching Literacy and Numeracy Through Coding and Robotics’; kif ukoll informazzjoni dwar l-attivitajiet li saru matul is-sena, mill-Kindergarten sas-6 sena. Ringrazzjament speċjali imur għal Ms. Muscat u Ms. Zammit, assistenti kapijiet, li kienu involuti direttament fil-produzzjoni ta’din il-magażin. Proset kbira lill-edukaturi u lill-istudenti tax-xogħol siewi li għamlu tul din is-sena!

Ikklikja fuq dan il-link sabiex tara il-magażin onlajn – Tbissima Numru 2

Celebrating Carnival with a Difference – Rabat Primary School

Although this year the external Carnival Celebrations had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, students and educators at Rabat Primary School still managed to create a fun atmosphere a school – in a safe, and socially distant way! Ms. Christine and Ms. Marica held a special virtual assembly for all the school, ensuring that all students were involved thanks to live Teams connection. The students presented an interesting video on Carnival traditions, including food prepared during this time, as well as traditional games and songs. Well done Ms Christine and Ms Marica for this assembly and also for walking the extra mile to ensure that all students are included.

You can watch the full assembly by clicking on this link: Special Assembly Rabat Primary School.

Here are some pictures of the activity as well:

Safer Internet Day Activities at Rabat Primary School

Students and Educators at St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary School, prepared a series of activities to celebrate Internet Safety Day. These included:

  • KG 2.3 Students listened to the story, ‘Ir-Rigal’. They noted how they could not access the teachers’ computer without a password; thus learning about the importance of not disclosing their own passwords to others. They also learned about other personal information that they should not be disclosing online to others, such as their addresses. Finally, they were reminded that as young children they always need to have an adult with them (such as their parents) when accessing the internet.
  • Year 4.2 Students designed their own ‘Internet Safety’ Posters.
  • Year 4.1 Students discussed eSafety rules and produced their own bookmarks to remind themselves of how they can stay safe online. They also learned to identify unsafe situations and to speak up if something happens that concerns or upsets them.
  • Year 3.3 Students watched a PowerPoint presentation and saw some bookmarks that helped them understand how to keep themselves safe when using the Internet. The students also enjoyed doing the puzzle about Internet Safety.
  • Ms. Christine Vassallo, Nurture Class Teacher, also organised an eSafety Online Session for the whole school.

Click on the video below to watch some of our activities !

Online Book Fair at Rabat Primary School

Rabat Primary School is organising an Online Book Fair from 8th to 14th February, in collaboration with BDL. A 10% discount with be given with every purchase made. This initiative will also be helping the school, since 15% of the proceeds will be directed back to Rabat Primary School. Use the coupon (please refer to the image below) with the discount code when you checkout. Enjoy your new books. Feel free to share this advert with other parents/students.

Rabat Primary School Students Design Healthy Eating Leaflets

The Year 4.1 students of St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary School, learned about the importance of taking care of their health by eating a sensible and healthy diet. After the lesson, they each designed their own Healthy Eating leaflets, with various logos to accompany them, such as: ‘Be Smart, Eat Smart‘; ‘Eat Well, Feel Good’, ‘Eat Right, be Bright’; ‘Be Smart and Eat Smart‘; and ‘An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away‘.

Watch our young students at work by watching the video below:

Having fun while keeping to social distancing rules: Rabat Primary School

Just because we have to keep to social distancing rules doesn’t mean we cannot have fun! Here are our Year 1.2 students having a “movement break” in class, dancing together while keeping apart, and wearing their masks of course! Click on the link to watch the video!

Movement Break – Rabat Primary School Year 1.2