World Book Day Celebrations at Baħrija Primary School

Year 4 students at Baħrija Primary School engaged in a number on fun activities in order to celebrate World Book Day. First, they used their LearnPad tablets to listed and work on an online comprehension task. This was followed by a cooking activity, where our young chefs prepared a tasty, healthy fruit salad (related to the story ‘4 frottiet imorru l-bahar’). Click on the video link below to learn more:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – World Book Day Activities at Baħrija Primary School

For the World Book Day, the Kindergarten Students at Baħrija Primary School focused on the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. After reading the story, the children engaged in a number of activities, including sensory play on the school grounds, craft activities, fine motor skills activities and even matching games. Watch this short video of our Baħrija Kindergarten students during their World Book Day activities !

Online Hands-On Maths Lesson at Baħrija Primary School

Flexibility and adaptation is the key especially during these times. Watch the students of Year 4, Baħrija Primary School, during a hands-on Maths lesson about capacity. Lesson was held online with Microsoft Teams.

A big WELL DONE to our educators and students for all their work, and their parents/guardians for the cooperation and support!

Online Lessons at Baħrija Primary School

The first week of Year 1 online lessons was a great success! Well done Ms Lewis, all the students and parents! Thank you to the school management for all their immense support! All the students were given a certificate as a reward for their hard work they put in during this week. Looking forward to another week of fun learning! KEEP IT UP! 

Nature’s Magic – Activity for Year 1 students at Baħrija Primary School

Year 1 students at Baħrija Primary School eagerly participated in a DINJA WAĦDA ACTIVITY called Nature’s Magic. They learnt all about soil formation and the different requirements needed for plants to grow. It was such a fun activity from which the children learnt and appreciated the beauty of nature even more.