Nature’s Magic – Activity for Year 1 students at Baħrija Primary School

Year 1 students at Baħrija Primary School eagerly participated in a DINJA WAĦDA ACTIVITY called Nature’s Magic. They learnt all about soil formation and the different requirements needed for plants to grow. It was such a fun activity from which the children learnt and appreciated the beauty of nature even more.

Anti-bullying activity at Baħrija Primary School

Bahrija Primary School, together with the organization Bbrave, set up the anti-bullying week campaign. We started off the week with a video on the different types of bullying during the online assembly and discussed it. Anti-bullying posters were hung in the corridors. Children drew pictures with slogans against bullying and showed them during the online assembly.

San Martin fl-Iskola tal-Baħrija

Illum, biex inzommu mat-tradizzjoni, kellna ‘special online assembly’ fuq San Martin, il-qaddis patrun tal-Baħrija. It-tfal raw vidjow fuq San Martin u kantaw ‘Ġewż, lewż, qastan, tin’. Tajnihom ukoll borża zgħira bil-ħelu u l-ħobża ta’ San Martin. Il-ħelu provditulna b’xejn is-Sinjura Abigail Falzon ta St. Martin’s Self-Service Store u l-ħobż inxtara mill-Kunsill tal-Iskola. Grazzi kbira.

Today, to keep with tradition, we had a special online assembly on St. Martin, the patron saint of Baħrija. The children saw a video on the life of St. Martin and sang the traditional tune ‘Ġewż, lewż, qastan, tin’. They were also given a small bag with sweets and a St. Martin Bun. The sweets were donated by Ms Abigail Falzon of St. Martin’s Self Service Store and the bun was bought by the School Council. A big thank you.

Baħrija Primary School

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Bahrija Primary School is a small rural school at the edge of Bahrija, a small quiet hamlet. It provides a warm, family atmosphere, conducive to a learning process which promotes the development of the individual’s intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimension through a holistic approach. It aims to enable all children to develop their full potential according to their diverse needs, TO BE THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE.

Head of School: Ms. Josette Fiott

Assistant Head of School: Mr. Edward Micallef

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