Online Resources and Home Activities by WWF for Primary and Secondary Schools

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 13.19.50WWF UK  has created a range of free resources and home activities to support educators and  pupils in putting sustainability at the heart of your school.

You can use the  resource filter tool to search classroom resources, activities and classroom presentations across a wide range of environmental topics and themes. From rainforests to rivers, climate change to citizenship, WWF has created something to help educators and pupils learn about our precious planet, the environmental challenges it faces and how we can all take action.  Visit the resources page by clicking on this link: You can also access activities which can be done from your own homes by going here:

Tour the National Parks of America on Google Earth

The US National Parks system has created virtual tours of the 31 most popular national parks in the America. Using satellite imagery from Google Maps, the site shows the U.S. from space, with small photos of each park serving as an icon. Click on one of those, or on one of the larger images of each location listed alphabetically on the right of the dashboard, and you’ll be whisked away to your destination.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 18.35.04

Click on this link to begin this fascinating tour! – National Parks of America