Earth Day Activities at Attard Primary School

Our Kindergarten Students at Attard Primary School engaged in all sorts of fun activities in order to celebrate Earth Day. In this video you can watch them experiment with and mixing colours in order to create the ‘colours of the Earth’, making sculptures made play-dough made with flour and water, and many more crafting activities. Well done to the students and their educators!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – World Book Day Activities at Baħrija Primary School

For the World Book Day, the Kindergarten Students at Baħrija Primary School focused on the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. After reading the story, the children engaged in a number of activities, including sensory play on the school grounds, craft activities, fine motor skills activities and even matching games. Watch this short video of our Baħrija Kindergarten students during their World Book Day activities !

More online work from SNC Attard Primary School – KG 2

During these last couple of weeks Ms. Ruth’s and Ms. Miriam’s students, at St. Nicholas College Attard Primary School, were busy learning from home.  The children carried out various activities which were both fun and educational related to the Dinosaur theme and Easter time.  These included sequence games, colouring eggs with food colouring, following up on a story, ‘What’s inside the Easter Egg?’ and fun with letters.

More Activities at Home for the students of SNC Attard Primary School

At St. Nicholas College, Attard Primary School, children in Kinder 2 had the opportunity to discuss why we are meeting up from home at the moment and not at school!  This discussion took place in Ms. Vanessa’s class as a follow up to a story they had all watched together online.  Pupils in kinder 2 classes experimented with letters, had scavenger hunts at home, prepared some playdough and played together virtually.  Children in Ms. Kim’s class discussed the Easter story and took part in various Easter related activities. Although these activities are related to the Easter topic, children not only learned about the story of Easter, but also numbers and value, colours and colour sorting, all about shapes and also the letters ‘f’ and ‘g’ in  Maltese

Learning from home can be fun too!!! 🙂🙂

Online Activities for KG 2 Students at SNC Attard Primary School

Kinder 2 educators at St. Nicholas College, Attard Primary School, have been working hard delivering online sessions to their pupils who attended eagerly.  They tackled mathematical concepts, discussed stories, did science experiments and participated in various hands on activities together.  They even had some time for online free play which they really enjoyed!  Everyone got creative to make this virtual experience one to remember 🙂!!

A great big WELL DONE our KG2 Educators, Ms. Ruth, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Miriam, Ms. Kim, Ms. Marika and Ms. Vanessa; their students, and their parents/guardians for the support !

Online Teaching and Learning – Kindergarten 1 Attard Primary School

The Educators and students of KG 1 at Attard Primary School have been busy engaging in online activities during the past week and a half of online teaching. Just because the schools are physically closed, it does not mean that learning cannot take place, too! Click on the video below to watch a sample of our students’ work – chosen from KG classes of Ms. Alexandra, Ms. Martina, Ms. Naomi, Ms. Romina and Ms. Sandra. We will upload more work in the coming days 🙂

A big WELL DONE to our educators and students for all their work, and their parents/guardians for the cooperation and support!

Pencil Grasp Development

During the early developmental years there is a wide range in what a typical pencil grasp should look like. The picture examples used here are of preschool children at work. Each student was between three and a half and four and a half years old when I those pictures were taken (all on the same day). Even within a group of same aged children, there is still a very wide range of abilities within pencil grasp development. Visit the website of the Stay Home Educator, by Ms. Sarah Punkoney,  where she goes into more detail about Pencil Grasp Development: Stay At Home Educator

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 17.40.00

Kindergarten Intake Dates – February 2019

School doors will open for Kindergarten students on the 4th of February, 2019. This date is specified by the new Sectoral Agreement, as signed by MUT and the Ministry for Education and Employment in December of 2017. More details can be found on Page 21 of the Agreement, under the heading Kindergarten, Clause 11.1. The Sectoral Agreement can also be accessed here: