How our Educators view teaching and learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ms. Denise Buckingham, an educator at St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary School, talks about the challenges faced by educators and students during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. She stresses that the communication channels between the school, staff, parents and children were very efficient and that all the stakeholders are showing mutual respect towards each other. This, in turn, is helping everyone to feel safe in the knowledge that all possible precautions are not only being taken but also adhered to by everyone.

Watch Ms. Buckingham being interviewed by the head of school, Ms. Antonella Ferrante. For more videos and information, visit St. Nicholas College Malta’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

Lura l-iskola fi żmien ta’pandemija: Kif qed iħossuwhom l-Edukaturi ?

Is-Sinjura Maria Teresa Zammit, Edukatriċi fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Nikola, Skola Primarja Rabat, titkellem dwar kif ħasset hi stess in-nuqqas tat-tfal u kemm qed tħossha sigura issa li reġaw fetħu l-iskejjel.

Ikklikja fuq il-vidjow t’hawn taħt sabiex issegwi l-intervista flimkien mal-Kap tal-Iskola, is-sinjura Antonella Ferrante. Żur il-kanal tagħna fuq YouTube għal aktar vidjows mill-Kulleġġ San Nikola fuq: San Nikola YouTube Channel.

“It-tfal aktar kuntenti issa li reġgħu daħlu l-iskola” – Appell minn ġenitur u edukatriċi fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Nikola

Charlene Xerri, edukatriċi u ġenitur, titkellem mal-Kap tal-Iskola tar-Rabat fi ħdan il-kulleġġ San Nikola, b’appell għall-ġenituri sabiex ma jħallux il-biża’ żżommhom milli jagħtu iċ-ċans sabiex it-tfal jirċievu edukazzjoni ħolistika fl-iskola.

Ara l-intervista li saret flimkien mal-Kap tal-Iskola, is-Sinjura Antonella Ferrante:

Seġwu il-kanal tal-Kulleġġ San Nikola fuq YouTube, fejn ser inkunu qed intellaw aktar vidjows b’messaġġi ta’tama mingħand Ġenituri, Tfal u Edukaturi:

YouTube Channel – St. Nicholas College, Malta

Appell mill-Ġenituri tal-Kulleġġ San Nikola, Skola Primarja Rabat: Tibżawx tibgħatu lit-tfal l-iskola

Il-Kap tal-iskloa Primarja tar-Rabat fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Nikola, is-Sa. Antonella Ferrante, intervistat żewġ ġenituri li it-tfal tagħhom jattendu f’din l-iskola. Dawn il-ġenituri urew l-apprezzament tagħhom għall-mod kif qed timxi l-iskola waqt il-pandemija tal-Covid-19 u ħeġġew lill-ġenituri u l-gwardjani li għadhom inċerti jekk jibgħatux lit-tfal tagħhom l-iskola sabiex huma wkoll iħallu lil uliedhom jattendu.

Anti-bullying activity at Baħrija Primary School

Bahrija Primary School, together with the organization Bbrave, set up the anti-bullying week campaign. We started off the week with a video on the different types of bullying during the online assembly and discussed it. Anti-bullying posters were hung in the corridors. Children drew pictures with slogans against bullying and showed them during the online assembly.

Attending school during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Interview with Maisy Hilden

Watch this short interview by Maisy Hilden, a Year 6 student at St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary School. Maisy talks about how she feels safe attending school, as the Covid-19 health protocols are being adhered to by everyone. She invites those children who are still unsure whether to attend school or not to put aside their fears and join her and the rest of the students at Rabat Primary School.

L-Iskola tagħna fi żmien ta’ Pandemija: Intervista ma’ Tai Mifsud

Segwi din l-intervista ma’ Tai Mifsud, li jattendi is-sitt sena fll-iskola primarja tar-Rabat (Malta) fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ San Nikola. Tai jitkellem dwar kif huwa jħossu sigur waqt li jkun ll-iskola, u li il-protokolli maħruġa mill-Minsiteru tas-Saħħa qed jiġu osservati. Tai jħeġġeġ lil sħabu li għadhom qegħdin jaħsbu jekk jidħlux lura jew le sabiex huma wkoll jingħaqdu miegħu u mat-tfal l-oħrajn li daħlu lura f’Ottubru li għadda.

Coding Activity for Early Years – the Dance Party Unplugged Activity

As part of the EU Code Week, the Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal skills, is encouraging Kindergarten, year 1, 2 and 3 educators to dedicate one hour to a fun coding/dancing activity with their students. Through the Dance Party unplugged activity, no devices are needed and students can learn coding concepts to choreograph a dance party together whilst keeping physically distant. More information is available at:

Participating classes can share a video or photo/s showing their activity by submitting their video or photo/s on Submissions will be shared on the DDLTS FB page DigitalEducation in Malta ( A number of tokens gently sponsored by theeSkills foundation will be presented to 15 participating classes. These will be chosen at random on the 16th December 2020.

It is important to register your activity in the EU Code Week website ( and to use the following code cw20-SbiEf for the Code 4 All challenge.

Self Care Guide for Common Cold, Flu and Covid-19

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 13.42.58

The Malta College of Family Doctors has published a ‘Self-Care’ guide for the general public. Self-care means treating mild illnesses at home, using rest, nutrition, and sometimes over-the-counter medicines. Self-care helps avoid the spread of infections in crowded waiting rooms, decreases unnecessary use of medications, and helps reduce the burden on health care services.

The document explains the symptoms of mild viral illnesses, and why they occur. It outlines the basics of treatment, as well as what commonly-used medicines are safe to use as needed. It also includes a list of ‘red flag’ symptoms to look out for, and who to speak to if they occur. The document is available in both Maltese and English, and the public and healthcare personnel are encouraged to use and share it.

The MCFD firmly believes in patient education, and hopes that this document will help answer many questions that family doctors/general practitioners are often asked. It is intended as a reference, helping patients take better control of their own health.

Guide in English

Guide in Maltese

L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign

As in previous years, the L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign will once again be taking place in all schools of Malta and Gozo.  Due to the new circumstances Mrs Miriam Vella, First Lady of Malta, will not be visiting the schools in person but will convey her message virtually.  The purpose of this Campaign is to make students aware and also to instill in them the importance of helping others.

This year’s edition will see the traditional plastic piggy bank replaced by a cardboard piggy bank that is easily recycled, and will reduce the negative impact on the environment. The 3 new Piggy Banks, feature drawings by the 3 winners of a competition organised for this purpose and saw the participation of 91 children.

The distribution of the “new piggy” has already started and will remain in schools for a duration of 4 weeks, when they will be recollected during the week of the 7th December.  The video links underneath will help you assemble the Piggy Bank.

piggybank english+animation

piggybank maltese+animation

For further information please contact The Office of the President on 22053173/4.

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.45.02

Adam Cutajar, St. Gorg Preca College, Pieta’ Primary

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.45.10

Isaac Borg, St. Francis School, Birkirkara

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.45.18

Jeremy Cassar, St. Aloysius College, Birkirkara