Applications open for Nwar Family Literacy Programme

The National Literacy Agency would like to announce that the Nwar programme applications for next scholastic year 2021/22 are now open. There have been some modifications to the programme and the application process.

Nwar is an after-school, literacy intervention programme for students who are encountering literacy difficulties in Maltese and/or English. It supports the acquisition of phonological, alphabet, and phonic knowledge, and reading, spelling, writing and comprehension strategies. The Agency offers this programme to students who struggle in literacy. The sessions are held twice a week for a maximum of 4 Nwar semesters. Once the basic literacy level is reached, students are discontinued from the programme. The progress of the child is monitored on a regular basis. Regular attendance is required. Failure to attend regularly, with a maximum of 4 unauthorized missed sessions, will lead to the discontinuation of the service.

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Online Sessions for Parents/Guardians – Early Language Development

The Language Policy in Education Unit within the National Literacy Agency, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta will be organising a series of online sessions on early language development. These sessions are intended for parents and guardians of children aged 0-5 and will be held in Maltese. The sessions, led by Dr. Daniela Gatt, will be held online, once a week from 15:30 to 17:00. The schedule is as follows:

Participants are to fill in the online form to book the sessions by clicking on this link: An invitation to attend these sessions will be sent the day before each session. For further information please send an email to Dr. Lara Ann Vella on or call on 25982130.

Online course in the Teaching of Writing Skills for parents/guardians

The National Literacy Agency is organising again the online training course in the Teaching of Writing Skills called “Writing Unites Us! / Il-Kitba Tgħaqqadna!”. This training course is aimed at parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about writing strategies that may be utilised with their children at home. This online training course will be uploaded weekly on the Malta Writing Programme Facebook Page as from Wednesday 24th March 2021 till Wednesday 5th May 2021. The following is the schedule of the sessions:

Following this online training, journal writing prompts will published on the same page. More information will be given in due course. Parents/Guardians who wish to follow this online training can view the material uploaded on the Malta Writing Programme Facebook Page anytime of the day. For more information, please contact Ms. Erika Borg Medati (Senior Manager) on or by calling 2598 3324.

Recommendations for the Well-Being of Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on educators and students alike. Clearly, it has impacted their psycho-social and emotional wellbeing, as well as their teaching and learning. This could have also contributed to gaps and/or losses in children’s knowledge and understanding, the impact of the loss of socialisation, friendships and self-esteem all of which are considered “essential for good mental well-being” (World Health Organisation [WHO], 2020, p.1).

The Ministry for Education and Employment, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, has prepared a document with recommendations for the well-being of students. Please click on the link below to access the full document in PDF:

Recommendations for the Well-Being of Students

Survey for Parents/Guardians on Skola Sajf

Sent by Ms. Marthese Borda, MBA Student

As part of my studies I am conducting a survey to see what are the parents’ and guardians’ preferences when choosing to send their child/children to a summer club/summer school. This survey is aimed at parents and guardians who have children under the age of 16 under their care. Survey questions are both in English and Maltese.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 13.10.22

Bħala parti mill-istudji tiegħi qed nagħmel din ir-riċerka bil-għan li ninvestiga l-għażliet tal-ġenituri dwar klabbs tas-sajf (Summer Clubs) u skejjel tas-Sajf.  Dan il-kwestjonarju hu intenzjonat għall-ġenituri u kustodji ta’ tfal taħt l-età ta’ 16-il sena.  Napprezza ħafna l-kummenti tagħkom, għalhekk nitlobkom tagħmlu billi tagħfsu dan il-link t’hawn isfel.  Il-mistoqsijiet huma kemm bil-Malti kif ukoll bl-Ingliż.


Online Sessions for Parents/Guardians to be held between April – June 2020

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 10.46.27
The Institute for Education is accepting applications from parents/guardians interested in following online Parental/Guardian Sessions commencing April – June 2020. These sessions are delivered in two different formats: asynchronous (self-paced)or synchronous (live). The Institute acknowledges the crucial role parents and guardians are playing in the education of their children during this time when schools are closed. The sessions being offered will equip them with the right educational tools to be collaborative partners in the education and well-being of their children.

Click on the following link to view the list of sessions and how you can apply for them:

Online Sessions for Parents/Guardians to be held between April – June 2020

Parental/Guardian Courses Starting March 2019

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 09.16.08

The Institute for Education is accepting applications from parents/guardians interested in attending Parental/Guardian Sessions commencing March 2019 at the Institute for Education, Martin Luther King Road, Pembroke. All session times are 4pm-6pm.

The Institute firmly believes that parents/guardians play a critical role in providing learning opportunities at home and in linking what children learn at school with other experiences. By facilitating and participating in diverse learning experiences and activities outside the school, parents/guardians become an important factor in children’s overall learning. They need to be equipped with the right educational tools to be collaborative partners in the education and well-being of their children.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 09.46.33

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Internet Safety Day – Talk for Parents

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 11.25.20

St. Nicholas College is pleased to announce that we shall be holding a dedicated talk about Internet Safety on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019, from 8:30am to 9:30am, at Rabat Middle School. Participation is open to all parents/grandparents/guardians/carers.

During this session, Mr. Omar Seguna (Education Officer, DLTS) will be going through the possible downsides and signs to look out for when our students spend a lot of time online, such as online bullying, the dangers of being always connected, legal issues related to unsafe behaviour online, etc. There will also be time for some brief questions from the audience.

Should you wish to participate for this meeting, may we kindly ask you to send an email at  or call 25988000 / 25988004 (Amanda Debattista) by not later than Friday 1st of February 2019.