Reading Stars / Brillantini tal-Qari

The National Literacy Agency(NLA)is relaunching the initiative ‘Reading Stars / Brillantini tal-Qari’ to promote a love for reading, anytime and anywhere. The aim of this campaign, which is sponsored by Merlin Library, is to present as role models children and adolescents when they read in their free time in public spaces. Schools and educators who would like to nominate Reading Stars are to ensure that parents fill in the consent form that can be found here:

The Reading Stars will be awarded a voucher sponsored by Merlin Library and a letter of achievement by NLA personnel. This will be done when children whose parents have submitted the consent form are spotted reading by NLA personnel. Emails with photos and personal details of children will not be considered and automatically deleted in line with GDPR measures and the rules of this initiative. Further information can be found on the initiative’s Facebook page:

For further information send an email on or call on 25983328 and follow our Facebook page @readingstarsmalta for further updates and list of winners.