Explore More – Website for Year 8 Students who are currently using choosing their Subject Options

To support Year 8 students with their choice of option subjects, the National School Support Services in collaboration with PRISMS, a non-governmental organisation have together worked on the development and updating of the Explore More – My Journey Portal.  Year 8 students and their parents/guardians can acquire information on the option subjects on offer and the different career paths and post-secondary courses that these subjects can lead to.  The information is presented in an interactive way with short videos outlining all subject options on offer, videos with first-hand testimony from the people who work in the industry and a short quiz which helps students identify the work sector/subjects of their interest. The website in in both Maltese and English.  It can be accessed on: http://exploremoreproject.eu/en/

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New Platform for eTwinning & School Education Gateway

eTwinning & School Education Gateway join forces with a new vision. We are creating a platform that will connect everyone interested in school education and we want your opinion! Take the survey to help us identify topics, services and tools you find important.

Link to survey: http://bit.ly/schooleducationplatform

The survey will run until Sunday 21st February.