Colour today with a book! Save the date and visit the Malta Book Festival 2022

Illustrated by Gattaldo and animated by Turi Animation Studio, the 2022 Malta Book Festival artwork brings to life Arnold, whose encounter with a book gives him a new perspective and persuade him to lose himself in the stories within the book.

In the video animation, in order to strike a balance between staying as close as possible to the artistic vision of Gattaldo whilst coming up with movements to make the character come to life, the frame-by-frame hand-drawn animation method was used. The illustrations created by Gattaldo were used as main references, and new poses were recreated to create a sense of motion. The video animation was produced by Chris Spiteri, a 28-year-old animator and artist from Malta working at Turi Animation Studio. Currently, Chris is working together with Turi to bring Id-Denfil back to life.

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