Brillantini tal-Qari – Reading Stars Campaign 2021

The National Literacy Agency would like to remind parents, educators and schools that the reading campaign Brillantini tal-Qari – Reading Stars promotes a love for reading, anytime and anywhere. This campaign is sponsored by Merlin Library. Its aim is to reward children and adolescents who love to read and who would like to share their love for reading. Kindly follow the newly launched Facebook page at: (@readingstarsmalta) for further information.

Schools, educators and parents are invited to nominate outstanding students who read at school, at home, or in other places during their free time. The nomination form may be accessed via the following link:
Nominees are to participate in the I am a Reading Star competition. They have to tell us more about their love for reading by doing one or more of the following:

• write about their favourite books or author;
• draw a picture from their favourite book or their favourite character/s;
• make a short video clip to tell us about their favourite book or author;
• describe their favourite reading spot and send us pictures of this special reading nook;
• make a short video clip to act out a scene from their favourite book;
• surprise us with their creativity!

The competition entry may be submitted via the nomination form, by email on Nominations will go through a selection process where the best entries will be chosen and rewarded. Nominations may be sent in until the end of July, 2021.