eTwinning Exchange – Mgarr Primary (Malta) and San Lawrenz (Gozo)

The Year 6.2 students had a fantastic eTwinning experience in Gozo between 22nd and 23rd April. The students met their fellow eTwinners from San Lawrenz Primary School during this cultural exchange. The programme was jam packed with fun, culture, history and new friendships. The students stayed in Manresa house. Continue reading

eTwinning Activity at Mgarr Primary

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The Year 6.2 students of Ms Sharon D’Amico are participating in an eTwinning project with students from San Lawrenz, Gozo. An activity was carried out with Ms Laura Schembri, the digital literacy support teacher this morning, at Ta Ħaġrat Temples. The students used their tablets and QR codes to find clues and information about these temples. It was great fun and the children participated eagerly. Students had done some research about the site prior to the activity and were well-prepared.

Paragon Europe

Mgarr Primary School hosted 6 teachers from Poland via Paragon Europe, a local intermediary company based both in Malta and in Brussels which collaborates with institutions, universities and agencies across Europe to assist their students in finding adequate unpaid work placement as part of their ERASMUS + programme.

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Six teachers from a Polish institution requested to carry out job shadowing in primary schools, and they were given a brief introduction about the school. Then they proceeding to a year 2 class where they observed an English lesson. They also joined in  in the various activities the teacher prepared.

Special thanks goes to Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2 teacher who gladly shared her teaching experience with our Polish guests.


Mġarr Primary School

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Mġarr Primary is the village school of Mġarr, a picturesque rural village situated in the north-west of the island of Malta. The school hosts 8 kindergarten classes and 12 primary classes together with an auditorium, internal and external yard, 5 a-side football pitch and a kitchen. The school offers Breakfast Club and Club 3-16 services.

Head of School: Ms. Dorita Maniscalco

Assistant Heads of School: Ms.Therese Rodgers, Ms.Maria Borg Vella, Ms. Monica Galea

School Website: