Reading Out Aloud – Luca Vella from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Luca Vella of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Late for Football’ (PM Collection – Story by Jenny Giles; Illustrations by Scott Fraser), to Mr. David Muscat (CEO National Literacy Agency).

Luca read the story with fluency and engagement. During the discussion with Mr. Muscat, Luca talked about what he enjoys doing during his free time. Although Luca does not play football, he chose to read a book about a boy who could not find his football things and needed his mum’s help to make it on time.

Well done Luca !

Reading Out Aloud – Nathan Micallef from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Nathan Micallef of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Magpie’s Baking Day’ (PM Collection – Retold by Beverley Randell; Illustrations by Melissa Webb) to Ms. Tania Ristovic, Assistant Head of School and Literacy Link Person at Rabat Primary School, Malta.

Nathan told us how he chose to read this book because in it there are two things he likes a lot: food and animals. He told us how only one animal, the mouse, did not help Magpie to make the bread and that since Mouse did not help, he did not get anything. Ms. Ristovic was impressed with Nathan’s conversation in English saying that he made giant leaps in expressing himself. Nathan was also seen enjoying and interacting with the story and with his audience.

Well done Nathan !

Reading Out Aloud – Kenzey Brincat from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’Kenzey Brincat of Year 2.3 read the book ‘The Fox and the Stork’ (PM Collection) (Retold by Annette Smith Illustrations by Tamsin Hinrichsen) to Ms. Antonella Ferrante, Head of School at Rabat Primary, Malta. Kenzey told us how she loves reading, especially this book as she really finds Fox funny when he turns up at Stork’s house all dressed up in his best blue coat and with his hair combed neatly. Ms. Ferrante discussed with Kenzey the importance of reading and of knowing different languages, this can lead to many interesting opportunities.

Well done Kenzey !

Reading Out Aloud – Opening Session by Ms. Josephine Mifsud SNC

Ms. Josephine Mifsud, Head of College Network at St. Nicholas College, participated in the Read Aloud Sessions organised by Ms.Eleanor Vella, HoD literacy. Ms Mifsud read a story to the Yr 2.3 class, titled ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler. After the story, the students entered into a discussion. They talked about which part of the story they like best and why? How they reacted to the story? What animals do they have at home and also whether they would have any of the animals mentioned in the story in their own house and why? Ms. Vella extended her thanks to Ms. Katia Zammit and Ms. Josette Gauci for facilitating this session as part of the first day! Ms. Josephine Mifsud commented that this was a great pleasure for her and that is was a wonderful experience watching and interacting with students. She also thanked Ms. Eleanor Vella for the opportunity to participate. Well done to all those involved !

Reading Recovery – Reading Out Aloud 2021

The theme of the 2021 Reading Recovery Read Aloud is ‘Tell me a story’. Listening to stories plays an important role in early reading and language development. Shared story time teaches new things about people and about the world, introduces new ideas and language, fires up the imagination and most of all, creates a sense of closeness and well-being. Everyone loves listening to stories! During March, we have invited some special guests to read aloud to Reading Recovery children … and we hope Reading Recovery children will pass on the fun by reading aloud to others.

Reading Out Aloud at St. Nicholas College:

  • Monday 15th March @ 11.00am, Ms Mifsud will be reading the story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’
  • Tuesday 16th March the 3 RR students will be reading one of their books to Ms. Ferrante, Ms, Ristovic and Mr. Muscat, at 9.30am, 10.30am and 11.00am respectively.

We will be uploading pictures and videos of the activities after obtaining relevant consents from the Parents/Guardians of students involved in the activities.

Visit the Reading Recovery Europe website for more information: Reading Out Aloud 2021