Reading Out Aloud – Nathan Micallef from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Nathan Micallef of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Magpie’s Baking Day’ (PM Collection – Retold by Beverley Randell; Illustrations by Melissa Webb) to Ms. Tania Ristovic, Assistant Head of School and Literacy Link Person at Rabat Primary School, Malta.

Nathan told us how he chose to read this book because in it there are two things he likes a lot: food and animals. He told us how only one animal, the mouse, did not help Magpie to make the bread and that since Mouse did not help, he did not get anything. Ms. Ristovic was impressed with Nathan’s conversation in English saying that he made giant leaps in expressing himself. Nathan was also seen enjoying and interacting with the story and with his audience.

Well done Nathan !