Online Sessions for Educational Leaders: COVID-19 Pandemic – Managing Changing Realities – LCEL01/02/2020

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COVID-19 has surely shaken up our realities, routines, habits and in some cases our entire existence.  It’s creating continuous numerous insecurities in what we believed were our solid grounds (health, work, comforts, etc). It is aggressively challenging our perceptions, beliefs and subsiding  our relationships with ourselves, others and the world. Amid the current situation it is normal to be concerned, both as individuals and as Educational Leaders. The Institute of Education is offering the possibility for Educational Leaders to attend a series of on-line seminars  to discuss concerns and difficulties arising from this Challenging moment such as:

  • How to deal with our changing realities? confinement, new family dynamics, the required dependency on technology, remote working, needs, comforts, social distancing and new ways of relating,  taking up cautious behaviour, etc.
  • How to manage overwhelming emotions? Anguish, fear, anger, pain and pleasure
  • What makes us (or not) resilient to adversities?
  • What might aggravate the already difficulty and overwhelming situation?
    How to create out of nothing while staying still?

To apply for the session, kindly click on the following link: Learning Community for Educational Leaders: COVID-19 Pandemic – Managing Changing Realities – LCEL01/02/2020

Deadline to apply is the 6th May, 2020.