Collection of Books and Copybooks due to the Covid-19 Outbreak

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.53.56In consultation with the Health Authorities, the school will give you the opportunity to collect books, copybooks, files that are needed for the online learning taking place. This exercise in this particular moment should only involve the collection of material necessary for learning and not other things. There will be an individual package with books and copybooks left for you. In the meantime, you will be given a date and time when you are requested to collect books and copybooks. You are to collect them from the location indicated by the school as parents/legal guardians are not authorised to enter the school without the administration’s consent. The date and time cannot be changed and have to be respected by all. In addition, we remind you that it is not permissable to stay in crowds of more than three persons and between one person and the other there should be a distance of two metres. Meanwhile, the school is not responsible for what happens outside of its doors if these directives are not observed. It is also essential that every Parent/Legal Guardian arrives on time (and not before), collects books and leaves immediately.

It is highly important that everyone follows established procedure and that everyone cooperates as requested.