L2C School Exchange Visit – From Dingli Secondary to Rabat Middle School

Monday 21st of October marked the second School Exchange Visit for Erasmus – Leadership for Change Project, which is a college-wide initiative in collaboration with European Schoolnet (Brussels), as well as schools from Portugal, Italy, Flanders, and Castilla y León.

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During the School Exchange Meeting, members of the Senior Leadership Team (Heads, Assistant Heads and Heads of Department) travelled to Rabat Middle School, and were introduced to a variety of activities that help empower students in their school, such as: the School Council, Eko-Skola, Young Reporters for the Environment, and Animal Awareness Initiative. This was followed by a discussion about the Future Classroom Toolkit results, and the steps which were taken in order to improve their survey rating.

Click on the video below to watch a video of today’s activities!