Club 3 – 16 Goes Online

With the closure of the educational institutions, the Klabb 3-16 in the centers too had to be suspended. To make up for this interruption in service, the Foundation for Educational Services is offering service users the possibility of following online activities with the Playworkers of their centers, and live HW assistance with warranted teachers.

Parents / legal guardians who are already registered for the service, and would like their children to follow the online activities, are to contact the Centre Coordinator of their respective center and inform him, so that they will be given a link to access the activities. The same applies for the LIVE online HW assistance.

Parents / legal guardians who are not registered with the service, are encouraged to send an email to to be guided on how to apply for the service.

These two modes of communication are being offered in a bid to maintain contact with the students, and also help them with their academic work. All the services are being offered free of charge, including the HW assistance.