Online Teaching and Learning – Kindergarten 1 Attard Primary School

The Educators and students of KG 1 at Attard Primary School have been busy engaging in online activities during the past week and a half of online teaching. Just because the schools are physically closed, it does not mean that learning cannot take place, too! Click on the video below to watch a sample of our students’ work – chosen from KG classes of Ms. Alexandra, Ms. Martina, Ms. Naomi, Ms. Romina and Ms. Sandra. We will upload more work in the coming days 🙂

A big WELL DONE to our educators and students for all their work, and their parents/guardians for the cooperation and support!

ĠEMMA FTIT – Financial Literacy Online Interactive Play and Webinar

The Department of Accounting, Business Studies and Retail within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes in collaboration with ĠEMMA is inviting students in Years 9, 10 and 11 to take part in the online Interactive Play called ĠEMMA FTIT. The objective of the play is that of educating teens on the importance of money management – why one should budget, managing spending, the importance of differentiating between needs and wants, earning income and using it wisely, setting financial goals and saving for them amongst others. Furthermore, the play highlights the importance of decision making which often impact our future both regarding the financial aspect as well as career progression. Every decision taken carries a situation which poses some questions to viewers thus there is an interaction between the play and viewers.

Teachers are being encouraged to make students aware of this play and carry out a lesson about the importance of money management following the delivery of the online play in class. Link for the GEMMA FTIT play:

Interested students are then invited to participate in a webinar with a representative from ĠEMMA and the Department of Accounting, Business Studies and Retail to discuss and share ideas on what they learnt from the play. Students’ parents/guardians are encouraged to join in the webinar and participate in the discussion. The webinar will be scheduled on Friday 23rd April 2021 at 16:00. A link for the webinar will be sent to individuals who register through the link by Friday 9th April 2021.

Should you have any queries, please contact Ms Joanne Zammit on

Online Lessons at Baħrija Primary School

The first week of Year 1 online lessons was a great success! Well done Ms Lewis, all the students and parents! Thank you to the school management for all their immense support! All the students were given a certificate as a reward for their hard work they put in during this week. Looking forward to another week of fun learning! KEEP IT UP! 

Creative Writing Online at Dingli Primary School

Year 3.1 students at St. Nicholas College, Dingli Primary School, worked hard on their creative writing skills during the past week. The theme was ‘Spring’. Some children used Microsoft Sway to present their work. Here are some of the work they did online. (You need to be logged in with an iLearn account in order to view the work). Well done to Ms. Jenny and her students !

Online Music Sessions at Rabat Middle School

Students from Year 8 (London) during an online Music lesson with Mr.Simon Farrugia. The topic was world music. After researching about their favourite country and its music, each and every student presented his/her information. These are some pictures taken during this activity. Well done to Mr.Farrugia and his students for carrying out such an interesting activity online !

Online course in the Teaching of Writing Skills for parents/guardians

The National Literacy Agency is organising again the online training course in the Teaching of Writing Skills called “Writing Unites Us! / Il-Kitba Tgħaqqadna!”. This training course is aimed at parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about writing strategies that may be utilised with their children at home. This online training course will be uploaded weekly on the Malta Writing Programme Facebook Page as from Wednesday 24th March 2021 till Wednesday 5th May 2021. The following is the schedule of the sessions:

Following this online training, journal writing prompts will published on the same page. More information will be given in due course. Parents/Guardians who wish to follow this online training can view the material uploaded on the Malta Writing Programme Facebook Page anytime of the day. For more information, please contact Ms. Erika Borg Medati (Senior Manager) on or by calling 2598 3324.

Reading Out Aloud – Luca Vella from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Luca Vella of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Late for Football’ (PM Collection – Story by Jenny Giles; Illustrations by Scott Fraser), to Mr. David Muscat (CEO National Literacy Agency).

Luca read the story with fluency and engagement. During the discussion with Mr. Muscat, Luca talked about what he enjoys doing during his free time. Although Luca does not play football, he chose to read a book about a boy who could not find his football things and needed his mum’s help to make it on time.

Well done Luca !

Reading Out Aloud – Nathan Micallef from Rabat Primary School

As part of this year’s Reading Recovery Read Aloud activity ‘Tell Me A Story’, Nathan Micallef of Year 2.3 read the book ‘Magpie’s Baking Day’ (PM Collection – Retold by Beverley Randell; Illustrations by Melissa Webb) to Ms. Tania Ristovic, Assistant Head of School and Literacy Link Person at Rabat Primary School, Malta.

Nathan told us how he chose to read this book because in it there are two things he likes a lot: food and animals. He told us how only one animal, the mouse, did not help Magpie to make the bread and that since Mouse did not help, he did not get anything. Ms. Ristovic was impressed with Nathan’s conversation in English saying that he made giant leaps in expressing himself. Nathan was also seen enjoying and interacting with the story and with his audience.

Well done Nathan !