A Mobile Phone App for Young People in Challenging Times

The mental health of young people has been significantly undermined by the COVID 19 pandemic which has seen an increase in mental health difficulties, particularly amongst those already vulnerable. This mobile app seeks to provide a safe space for young people in these challenging times, providing a self-help tool for young people 18 years and over to manage their emotions and seek professional help when needed. It has been adapted from Blue Ice (NHS Oxford Health) by the University of Malta and the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society.

Safe Space/GħallKenn is an open access, free digital tool for young people 18 years+ in English and Maltese and may be uploaded either on App store or Play store (see QR codes below).

Users of SafeSpace/GħallKenn will be able to:

•monitor their thoughts and moods(mood diary)

•learn how regulate their feelings to reduce distress and uplift mood through simple techniques(personalised toolbox);

•become more aware of the local support services available for young people in difficulty and seek help when in distress such as emergency services, the new Helpline 1579, 179, Kellimni.com, and other services.

SafeSpace/Għall Kenn may also be used by practitioners working with young people as an extension of their intervention and support.