Minister for Education Visits Rabat Primary School

The Minister for Education, Dr. Owen Bonnici, and the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Francis Fabri, visited Rabat Primary School to view how the school and staff have been implementing over 50 security measures aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19 amongst students and staff. The Head of School, Ms. Antonella Ferrante provided a short tour of the school and the measures being undertaken, such as the need for all staff and visitors to sign in upon entering the premises, posters on the noticeboards to remind students and staff to maintain proper hand hygiene, stickers on the floors to help maintain social distance, and the availability of santizing wipes and gel in every classroom. Ms. Josephine Mifsud, Head of College Network, was also present for the visit.

Both the Minister for Education and the Permanent Secretary praised the school’s efforts in striving to adhere to all safety measures, finding everything according to the published guidelines.

Click on the following link to watch a video of the visit: Minister Visits Rabat Primary School