Mathematics Activities for Gifted and Talented Students (Year 10)

The Science Centre within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes is organising four Mathematics Activities for Gifted and Talented Students. These activities target students who have an interest and keen aptitude in Mathematics. The four after school activities will be held between 16.00 and 18.00 at the Digital Literacy Unit, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street,Ħamrun. Each activity is held on a Friday with a repeat session on the following Monday on the dates indicated below:

Heads of Schools are kindly requested to nominate not more than three Year 10 students. Please register the names of the students who will be participating in the four activities, via the link Gifted and Talented, by not later than Friday 25th November 2022. Kindly note that a limited number of participants will be accepted. Students who attend all four sessions during this scholastic year, will be awarded a certificate of participation. For further information kindly contact Ms Mariella Galea, Education Officer Mathematics (Secondary)