Teacher Idea – Teaching Ideas for Students and Educators

The Digital Literacy Team (Primary) published the website Teacher Idea, aimed  at Primary School Educators and Students. The website is constantly updated with teaching idea ‘cards’ which can be downloaded and used with students as activity starters. More ideas are added regularly, so be sure to check out the website from time to time. Furthermore, you can also submit your idea by filling in this form: http://bit.ly/ShareTeacherIdea.

Teacher Idea can be accessed by clicking on this link: Go To Teacher Idea


The Penalty – Footballers Read and Write Programme

Lucas always scored from the penalty spot, but things were about to change….how ? Learn more by visiting the Footballers Read and Write Facebook Page. How do you think the story will end ? What are Lucas’ feelings throughout the book ? Is the change he undergoes a negative or a positive one ? Write the final part of the story….The pen is in your hands. Scribble your thoughts away and send them to us. Stay tuned!

Watch the video by clicking on this link: The Penalty

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Pencil Grasp Development

During the early developmental years there is a wide range in what a typical pencil grasp should look like. The picture examples used here are of preschool children at work. Each student was between three and a half and four and a half years old when I those pictures were taken (all on the same day). Even within a group of same aged children, there is still a very wide range of abilities within pencil grasp development. Visit the website of the Stay Home Educator, by Ms. Sarah Punkoney,  where she goes into more detail about Pencil Grasp Development: Stay At Home Educator

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Resource Packs for Students who do not have Internet at Home – English and Maltese

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.38.20The Directorate for Leaning and Assessment Programmes (DLAP) has launched an initiative intended to support students who do not have Internet access at home. The identified students, ranging from Year 1 to Year 8, are being provided with resource packs for the four core subjects of Maths, Science, Maltese and English. The packs are being delivered to students’ homes every fortnight. Click on the link below to access English and Maltese Resources for Years 1 – 6.

Resources – English and Maltese Years 1 – 6

European Schoolnet Academy launches new resources for teaching and learning online

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 19.33.14Due to the efforts to limit the Covid-19 outbreak, teachers (and the school world in general) are facing unprecedented challenges to keep education ongoing. We’d like you to know that the European Schoolnet Academy has your back and remains fully operational, ready to support you! Continue reading

Vincent Van Gogh: Art Resources by Ms. Nicole

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 09.56.05Ms. Nicole, our Art Teacher, has prepared the following presentations and activities about artist Van Gogh. The resources are divided into early years (Years 1-3) and primary years (Years 4/6). Click on the links to access the presentations according to the different year groups.

Years 1 – 3

Years 4 – 6

Maths Wacky Weekly Quiz

The department of Primary Maths has just launched a new project – Maths Wacky Weekly Quiz.  It is another opportunity to do Mathematics at home.  More details can be found in the poster below or by visiting the Primary Maths Website:  https://primarymaths.skola.edu.mt/the-maths-quiz/. Quizzes target students attending Years 3-6.  Activities for Years 3-4 are uploaded on Monday, for Years 5-6 on Wednesday, and for all the family on Friday.

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