Application to attend eTwinning Seminar in Turkey


The eTwinning National Support Service (NSS) is pleased invite educators to participate in a face-to-face seminar on ‘Using Technology in Education through eTwinning’ for Primary and Secondary School teachers. This seminar will be held in Izmir, Turkey from the 18th – 20th April 2019.Target Group: Primary and Secondary School teachers who are not experienced in eTwinning (beginner/intermediate level)

Application Form: The Maltese NSS will be sponsoring participants to attend the seminar in Turkey. Lodging, seminar fees and flights will be covered and booked by the eTwinning National Support Service. The Application Form can be downloaded here: Application form to attend eTwinning Seminar abroad_Turkey

Report/Dissemination: Participants will be expected to submit a report with details of the seminar within 5 days of their return. Dissemination of experiences are to be shared with school staff. This must be documented and sent to Write ups may be considered for inclusion in the eTwinning Newsletter, Facebook Page or Website.

Eligibility Criteria: Interested Educators must register to eTwinning prior to the seminar, as well as register an eTwinning Project with a European Partner whilst attending the seminar abroad.

Applications, endorsed by the Head of School and College Principal must be sent by email to the eTwinning National Support Service on by not later than Friday 15th March 2019. Due to the limited spaces available applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Educators who have participated in eTwinning Seminars or Professional Development
Workshops abroad sponsored by eTwinning in the last 5 scholastic years will not be
considered. For any queries please contact us at 2598 1568/1565 or via email: