Invitation for Schools to participate in SELFIE

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SELFIE stands for: Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational technologies. In October 2017, no less than 59 schools had actively participated in a Pilot Project after having shown interest to participate in response to circular DDLTS 2/2017. Participants had the advantage of receiving individual feedback in line with the user group selected at the registration phase, namely under: school leaders, teachers, and students. The feedback report thus provided a snapshot of where the school was in relation to its use of digital technology for learning. Moreover, participating schools qualified to receive the SELFIE open badge in recognition of their participation. In effort to help schools continue improving on the outcome of using digital technology for learning the DDLTS is again inviting schools to take a SELFIE during the 3rd term of this scholastic year. Interested schools willing to participate in this survey are therefore requested to submit their details by filling the form below and send it to by not later than Friday, 22nd March, 2019. More information about SELFIE can be found here: and All schools indicating interest to participate will be communicated with further information at a later date.

The Form can be downloaded from here:  Letter Circular DDLTS 11-2019 – Take a Selfie