Courses offered by FES: Child Support Workers & Playworkers

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The Foundation for Educational Services (FES), in collaboration with the Institute for Education (IfE), is pleased to offer two courses aimed at prospective Child Support Workers and Playworkers. The aims of these training sessions are:

Child Support Worker:  Sessions will focus on the role of the Child Support Worker within the services offered by FES, and prepare prospective applicants for the different scenarios faced within the centres. These workers will be required to work a minimum of three shifts during Klabb 3-16 from October till June and on a daily basis during core hours for the Skolasajf period. The course, spread over two weeks (in the afternoon), will be in preparation for the launch of the CSW service during the Klabb 3-16 service during scholastic year 2019/2020.

Playworkers: Sessions will lead to part-time employment as Playworkers within the Klabb 3-16 and Skolasajf Centres of the FES. As part of the course, participants will be asked to carry out a ten-day (40 hours) Job shadowing placement in a FES Klabb 3-16 (attendees will be paid for such placement. This course is ideal for those who do not have formal qualification in this sector and will allow you to apply for the post of Playworker with FES

Details about the courses, information about lectures and assessment, and eligibility requirements can be accessed via the following links:

Child Support Worker


Deadline for Application for both courses is the 6th of March 2020.