Dingli Primary School: Turtle Release & Clean up activity at Gnejna Bay

On 31st October 2019, eight EkoSkola members from Dingli Primary School witnessed the release of Janis, the twelve-year-old loggerhead turtle that had been found entangled in marine debris during last February’s storm. The turtle was released back into the sea at Ġnejna Bay.The pupils were also involved in an interesting workshop conducted by Mr Johann Gatt regarding plastic waste that accumulates in the sea. It eventually breaks down into small particles – microplastics – and impacts negatively on marine species.

The highlight of the event was a beach clean-up at Ġnejna Bay. All sorts of waste was collected and photos were also taken by our young journalists.


This is what our young reporters wrote:

Pupils from Dingli Primary went to Ġnejna Bay and saw a lot of litter. During the beach clean-up, they filled a large bag with plastic and other litter. They also watched a turtle being released back into the sea. The turtle had been found in a lot of rubbish after a storm and was then rescued. The pupils told their friends at school not to use plastic anymore. You should do so too!”

Children from Dingli Primary School went to Ġnejna Bay and found a lot of plastic litter on the sand. This can cause a lot of harm to sea creatures; they can die. The children also took part in a workshop and watched a turtle release.”

EkoSkola members from Dingli Primary took part in a beach clean-up in Ġnejna. They saw a lot of litter scattered on the sand. They were NOT happy about it!”