Dingli Primary School go GREEN for San Martin

St Martin’s feast, which is commemorated on 11th November, is  full of traditions. One tradition is to give children a bag full of assorted nuts and fruits. This year, the EkoSkola committee at Dingli Primary, decided to start using cloth bags instead of plastic or paper bags. These cloth bags are made of reused material and were sewn by the Ladies Group in Dingli. Those students who returned the cloth bags to school were refunded €1. The cloth bags were collected to be used again next year.

Here is a brief report written by one of the EkoSkola members:

Up to a few years ago, Dingli Primary School  used  plastic bags for the St Martin bag. Paper bags were then used but these are also harmful to the environment. The EkoSkola committee at Dingli Primary decided that the best option would be to use cloth bags. This year, the committee helped save the planet since 175 re-usable cloth bags were used instead of plastic/paper bags which would otherwise have been thrown away.