End of Primary Benchmark – 2nd Session

The second session of the End of Primary Benchmark is going to be held in the afternoon between 13 and 17 June 2022. Maltese candidates will sit for this session at San Ġorġ Preca College Floriana Primary School while Gozitan candidates will have the session at the Education Office in Victoria, Gozo.

  1. This second session is being held for children who fall under one of the following two categories:

Category A

Candidates who will have completed Year 6 in a Church or Independent School that will not be participating in the First Session of the End of Primary Benchmark. Candidates should complete an Application Form that may be collected as from Monday, 25 April 2022 from the Educational Assessment Unit, 32 Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Ħamrun (located within the grounds of the ex-Maria Assumpta Girls’ Secondary School) or from the Education Office, Victoria, Gozo. The application form may also be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Application Form End of Primary Benchmark 2nd Session. Completed application forms need to be returned to the Educational Assessment Unit, Ħamrun (between 8:00 to 16:00hrs) or the Education Office, Victoria, Gozo. Applicants may also scan and send their application via email to benchmark@ilearn.edu.mt. A passport-sized photo is to be submitted together with the Application Form. The photo needs to be signed by an authoritative person (such as the Head of School or family doctor) verifying that it is a true image of the applicant. These applications are to be submitted by not later than Friday, 6 May 2022.

Category B

Candidates who will have completed Year 6 in a State, a Church or an Independent School that will have participated in the First Session of the Benchmark but who, during the First Session, were absent from any or all components. In the case of candidates falling under Category B, the Educational Assessment Unit will assume that children who were absent in the First Session for any components will be sitting the missed component/s in the Second Session. These children therefore need not re-apply. However, on returning to school after the end of the First Session of the Benchmark, these candidates need to submit to their school a passport sized photo endorsed by an authoritative person (such as the Head of School), verifying that the photo is a true image of the applicant. This photo needs to be affixed to the Identity Card that will be provided to the school by the Educational Assessment Unit. Heads of School are to ensure that these cards are filled in and sent to the Educational Assessment Unit by not later than Tuesday, 6 June 2022.

All examinations start at 3.00pm and therefore candidates will have to be
seated by 2.45pm.

The end of Primary Benchmark syllabi are applicable for both the First Session and the Second Session. These syllabi, together with the relative guidelines, may be downloaded from www.curriculum.gov.mt.

Requests for exemptions from any component of the End of Primary Benchmark or requests for the provision of Access Arrangements will be considered on the submission of the requested evidence provided for the First Session. For more information please contact the Educational Assessment Unit on 2598 2186.

Candidates who are applying for the Second Session as private candidates (Category A) may wish to be considered for any of the following Access Arrangements (provided that a professional report indicating the need of such Access Arrangements is produced):

  • Reader for Mathematics Written paper;
  • Reading Assistance for Maltese and English Reading Comprehensions;
  • Digital recording for Maltese and/or English Writing (Rubrics and Titles)
  • Scribe to transcribe illegible words for Maltese and English Writing Components;
  • Multiplication Tables for Mathematics Written paper;
  • Enlarged Print (for visually impaired students);
  • Communicator (for hearing impaired students).

These candidates are to contact the Educational Assessment Unit on 2598 2186 by Friday 6th May, 2022.