Educational Sessions and Competition for Middle and Secondary Schools – SEA MARVEL Project

The project SEA MARVEL joins forces between organizations that, in Sicily and Malta, work to reduce knowledge gaps and promote timely, concrete and feasible actions, research and campaigns to aid nature protection for innovative sustainable development. The geographical position of these islands allows for strategic analyses pertinent to the understanding of Mediterranean risks and challenges caused by climatic and environmental changes. SEA MARVEL aims to raise awareness of the pressures facing our marine life and mitigate the effects of plastic pollution, declining populations of marine species, alien species invasion and climate change effects, in order to enhance biodiversity and protection in Natura 2000 sites. Through SEA MARVEL, challenges shall be set-up to stimulate the participation of the future generations and coastal communities towards the development of sustainable management plans, and will address in integrated way problems linked to marine litter, unknown species abundance and biodiversity resilience in the face of increasing marine human activities. SEA MARVEL is therefore supporting Ministries for Education and the Environment, schools in Malta and Gozo and citizens to scale-up their contribution to reduce the loss of biodiversity. Effective measures through innovative knowledge-based responsible citizenship, shall facilitate the progress in regional valorization and admiration of marine Natura 2000 sites

Educational Sessions

Educational sessions may be undertaken in the preferred mode with either online zoom sessions for a large number of students together or in the different classes according to facilities in the schools or on site visits by the SEA MARVEL educational awareness officer. Educational session/s would need to be no longer than 20 minutes to allow for students’ questions for at least 10 minutes. For this first target, the project aims towards reaching the largest exposure possible among Maltese school students between 11 and 16 years, to around 4500 students. Apart from the above, if certain schools would wish to go even further with SEA MARVEL project’s educational opportunities, please be aware that the following three efforts will also be accessible to schools and students:

1.The Plastic Free School Challenge–Competition among schools in Maltese Islands and also separately in Sicily!

2. A Marine conservation photographic exhibition for Maltese Schools–roving among schools allowing educators and students to take the opportunity to discuss marine biodiversity and marine scientific research work. There will also be educational kits supplied to each participating school to be informed of aspects relevant to species conservation in Natura 2000 sites.

3. Exposure to unique biodiversity research methods at the University of Malta(molecular genetics used to study marine biodiversity) –available for up to 100 students in small groups and for those students that really wish to consider marine conservation in their future careers.

A brief introductory online session is being organised for all interested Heads of Schools on Friday, the 19thof November 2021 at 9.30am, prior to considering the best way forward for each school. Kindly register for the SEA MARVEL meeting by filling in the google form provided at: A zoom link will be forwarded to the email indicated in the registration form in due course. For more information you may contact Prof. Adriana Vella at, or call 2340 2790 and 9942 9592.