Reading for Pleasure Programmes

For the upcoming scholastic year (2021-2022), the National Literacy Agency, within the Ministry for Education will be organising the reading for pleasure programmes ‘Magic of Stories / Seħer l-Istejjer’ and ‘The Pleasure of Reading / Gost il-Qari’. These sessions will be held in-person in schools. ‘Magic of Stories / Seħer l-Istejjer’ is specifically designed and intended for children in kindergarten and the first two years of primary whilst ‘The Pleasure of Reading / Gost il-Qari’ is intended for primary classes from Year 3 up to Year 6.

The aim of these programmes is to encourage children to love books and to read for pleasure. During the sessions, stories are read in an interactive and exciting way to stimulate the children’s imagination and develop their critical thinking skills. The reading session will be held by a reading animator in class. Social distancing measures (that of 2 meters) between the reading animator, the children and any other adults will be respected
during the sessions. Class teachers are requested to remain in class during the reading sessions.

The sessions are held in Maltese and/or English, over the span of at least eight weeks or more. Primary schools and kindergarten centres that would like to participate in this programme throughout the scholastic year 2021-2022 are invited to send an email to Ms Miriam Schembri on by Wednesday 13th October 2021.

For more information on the programme, please visit the facebook pages of ‘Seħer l-Istejjer / The Magic of Stories’ and ‘The Pleasure of Reading / Gost il-Qari’ or call Ms Schembri on 2598 2996. Preference will be given to those schools who wish to practice these programmes across a wide range of classes.